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Broken Down? Don’t Let a Bad Thing Get Worse



There’s no doubt that a breakdown is stressful. Whether your car stops working on the high street or the motorway, your first instinct may be to panic; don’t. Even if your car is new, knowing what you will do in the event of a breakdown can help alleviate your stress. When you lose the stress, you can think with a clear head, taking the proper steps to get your car, and yourself, out of harm’s way. Here are five things that you should do in the event of a breakdown:

1.Calm Down

It’s only natural to get angry, panic, or experience anxiety when your vehicle breaks down whilst you’re driving; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been driving for two years or 20. The first thing that you should do is turn on your hazard lights. The next thing you should do is; if possible, find a safe place to pull over. Once you’ve stopped safely, take a moment to breathe. You won’t be able to take the necessary next steps if you are panicking.

2.Warn Other Drivers

Once you’ve stopped, exit your vehicle. It may be safer to exit from the passenger side; you’ll need to make that determination based on the volume of other drivers on the road. Dig into the emergency kit you’ve stashed in the boot and pull out your warning triangle. If you are wearing multiple layers of clothing, make sure that your lightest colored shirt is on the outside so that you are easily visible. Set up your warning triangle 45 meters behind your vehicle and keep your hazard lights on.

3. Find a Safe Place

Once you’ve set up your emergency triangle and made sure that your vehicle is easily visible to other drivers; find somewhere to wait that is safe. You may be able to walk to business, someone’s flat or you may need to wait alongside the motorway. No matter where you determine to be safe, never wait in your vehicle. Even with the best warning, other drivers may not be paying attention. Sitting in your broken down vehicle is almost always more dangerous than waiting outside of it.

4. Call for Help

If you have breakdown coverage on your vehicle, it’s time to phone for help. Depending on the type of coverage that you’ve chosen, a repairman will be dispatched to take care of the problem. If your vehicle can’t be fixed on the side of the road, it will be towed to a local garage for repair.

5.Phone Someone Else

The “someone else” may be your mate, your partner, or your boss. Depending on where you were traveling, someone may be expecting you. Once you have phoned for repair, call whomever it was that was waiting for you. If you were on your way to the shops, phone home and let your flatmate or partner know that you’ve experienced a breakdown. This not only lets someone know where you are, but it alleviates any worry that someone may be experiencing in your absence.

You may want to print this list and put it in your vehicle. In the event of a breakdown, you’ll have something to look at in order to take the proper steps. No matter what you do, don’t panic. Remaining calm and collected will help you deal with the emergency in the proper manner.