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All The Kit For A Holiday First Aid Emergency



It is always better to be prepared for minor health emergencies on holiday and a small First Aid kit can be extremely useful. If you’re tight on space then throw out a book and your First Aid kit is bound to fit.

Here we look at a few of the key ailments that might be helped by dipping into your kit:

Diarrhea and Sickness.

This is a common occurrence among holidaymakers as they attempt to adapt to new foods or the hygiene levels of another country. Domperidone, Dioralyte salts are good for rehydration and even ginger capsules can give quick relief for vomiting and diarrhea symptoms although it is wise not to take ginger if you have an underlying medical condition. Loperamide (in the form perhaps of Arrêt and Immodium) is also suitable for diarrhea.

For some, not all people, peppermint can ease nausea and suck on a mint may work fine while for other people it could make the symptoms worse. Try mint and stop if you feel worse.

Cuts, rashes, bites, blisters, and bruises

Cuts, scrapes, and bruises on holiday can happen while you and your family are having fun and are even more common if young holidaymakers are in tow. Clean the wound immediately to prevent infection and be mindful of swimming in pools where you suspect hygiene isn’t at its highest.

Antiseptic hand wipes are a must on holiday – cleaning surfaces to protect the family from various bugs and also for checking wounds are clean.

Cold and Chills

You may not expect to get a cold in a hot climate but it can happen. In such cases, cold powders and capsule treatments are the way to treat it.

Throat sweets are also a good idea – strong sweets containing eucalyptus can help clear stuffy noses fast. Olbas oil comes in small bottles and again is good for helping to breathe and even faintness in the heat. Ginger capsules again can treat colds and coughs (again…do not take if you are taking medication, have a medical condition, or take aspirin or Warfarin under similar conditions).

A Few Useful Items

But a few other additions to your holiday First Aid kit might be: Antihistamine tablets or cream to deal with stings and rashes, Arnica which is a natural treatment for bruising and can be bought as a cream or as homeopathic tablets, Calamine cream which is great for sunburn and, of course, plasters, bandages, and safety pins are essential. Don’t forget painkillers too.

If you suffer an accident abroad and the holiday first aid kit isn’t enough and you need medical attention, ensure you contact a holiday claims specialist who can help you make a claim.