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Tips for Safe Night Traveling: Avoiding Vehicle Danger



Traveling at night time can be a little more dangerous than during the day. People, even with the best eyesight, can have more difficulty seeing at night time. Reaction time is often slower at night, and in some cases, drivers are more tired and not as alert. There are precautions that you can take that will help you as a driver or pedestrian stay safer on the roads at night time.

Defensive Driving

When you are driving at night, you should keep an additional car length between yourself and other cars on the road. This extra space gives you more time to react to a situation, especially if you are tired.

If you use your high-beams in dark areas, make sure that you dim the lights as soon as you see an oncoming vehicle. Not only is this common courtesy, but it will also keep you from blinding the opposing driver and causing an accident.

Road Hazards

It is especially important to watch out for motorcycles at night time. Since these vehicles only have a single headlight, drivers often do not register them mentally as another vehicle. No one is sure why this occurs, but it is a common cause of motorcycle accidents at night.

Take caution in construction areas and other areas that may have road hazards that are not easy to see in the dark. A recent study conducted by the Highway Safety Commission shows that more construction area accidents occur at night due to uneven payment or quick shifts in the road. Additionally, construction crews often work in the evening when traffic is generally slower. The presence of the work crew means that there will be additional vehicles entering and exiting the highways, as well as more people physically on the road.

Drinking And Driving

It is easy to assume that more recreational drinking occurs in the evening than during the day. Because of this, more DUI offenses occur at night, as well as more DUI related accidents. Whether you ask a California or a Virginia DUI attorney, they will tell you that if you’ve been drinking, you must find an alternative to driving yourself home. Arrange for transportation, spend the night in a hotel, call a friend or family member. The only way to completely avoid this type of driving hazard is to simply not do it.

Pedestrians At Night

If you are going to walk, jog, or run at night time, it is very important to wear light-reflective clothing to enhance your safety. You should avoid wearing all dark clothing so that you can be easily seen by drivers, and always walk or jog against traffic so that the drivers can see you head-on. If at all possible, stick to the sidewalks and avoid using the shoulder of the road.

Overall, traveling at night requires that drivers take extra care to arrive at their destinations safely. You need to be extra alert to pedestrians that may be on the side of the road, you need to keep the proper distance from other automobiles to improve reaction time, and you need to avoid driving while under the influence.