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Reset Your Physical and Mental Health and Find Inner Peace



As a species, we have unprecedented health care and access to drugs that have, in the main extended life expectancy by two or three decades in the past two hundred years or so. The future holds longer life as scientific breakthroughs in genetics and gene therapy continue apace. But in reality, our diets, our lifestyles, and the way in which we misuse our bodies undermine all the advances which have been made.

Now is the time to start afresh
Perhaps now is the time to reset your physical and mental health. As the saying goes, “there is no time like the present” and making a fresh start is like every journey; it starts with a decision and a single step. Unhealthy lifestyles are typically the result of laziness and the creation of habits.

Habits by their very nature require discipline to break; just ask a regular smoker how hard it is to give up the weed. I say laziness because we are all human and tend to want to take the line of least resistance.

Unhealthy habitual patterns are reinforced by modern living and are typical as a result of:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Too much caffeine in the diet
  • Increased alcohol consumption

These factors single or in combination can take a severe toll on our health and spiritual well being, which in turn leads to discontent in our lives. Individually each of the aforementioned can lead on to others on the list. For example, increased stress can lead to increased alcohol consumption which then cam lead to lack of exercise and an increase in weight, and all the associated health issues.

In addition, stress and long hours at work can lead to an unhealthy diet of snatched sandwiches, microwave processed meals, and sugary coal drinks. It is a spiral downwards and one which is difficult to escape from. More often than not the only way to escape the spiral is to ‘escape the spiral’ and take yourself off for a few days to a health retreat.

What is a health and meditation retreat?
Health retreats offer an alternative environment from the normal, everyday stress filled routine which leads individuals into a poor physical and spiritual lifestyle. Typically at a retreat, you will be taught how to unwind, how to eat properly, and what foods and drinks are good for your body and soul. You will be introduced to meditation and relaxation classes as well as instructed in exercise techniques which are good for body and soul.

Breaking destructive habitual patterns
The only way to break destructive patterns that become wired into the brain is to ‘re-wire the brain’ for want of a better term. In so doing you will also re-wire your health patterns and is known as the science of neuroplasticity.

Our bodies are temples but all too often they are left to decay and fall apart, only to become a relic of their former glory.

With a little help and some ‘self renovation,’ you can return your temple to its former glory.