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7 Relaxation Techniques For Stressed People



In today’s day and age we are more stressed than ever; with long working hours, hectic lives, and inevitable financial commitments, stress can get the better of even the best of people. In this guide, we look at 7 ways to encourage relaxation in your daily routine.

7. Meditation

Meditation needn’t be the hippy-like process that you’ve seen on the films or on yoga adverts. It can be a momentary daily pause, during which you clear your mind from everything, focusing solely on calmness. It can be as short as a minute or as long as you like. Practicing this every morning before you start your day’s tasks can set your mind frame for the rest of the day.

6. Make time for leisure activities

Whilst finding the time for leisure activities can sometimes seem impossible, it is extremely important that you do so. Even if your leisure time consists of a 10-minute break with a good book, this breather away from the daily grind can give you some all-important thinking space.

5. Try some deep breathing exercises

If a particular task is bothering you in your daily routine, and you are struggling to complete it, take 5 minutes to practice some deep breathing exercises. This can take your focus away from your problem, and, once returning to it, you may be able to apply yourself in a different way. Even a 5-minute break can work wonders on your attitude to a problem, and, if after that 5 minutes you find you still can’t solve it, then return to it at a later time (if possible).

4. Make exercise part of your daily routine

Exercise is a tried and tested stress buster, and it additionally increases those all-important endorphins that give you a feel-good factor. Even if your exercise comprises only of a brief 5-minute walk, the wonders it can work are pretty impressive.

3. Live in the present

With a hectic life, it’s all too easy to be constantly thinking of the next task; however, by continually look forward, you are placing more stress on yourself than needs be. Whilst taking a conscious decision to slow down may seem counterproductive, in fact, people work better when free from stress.

2. Consider talking to friends and/or family

If you find yourself inordinately stressed on a day to day basis it is important to talk to friends or family; you don’t have to spill out all of your woes, simply sharing a few bugbears of your day can both be an outlet of stress, as well as an opportunity for others to give you ideas on managing your time better.

1. Encourage lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is a sure-fire way to feel more relaxed in your waking hours; not only does it provide a more restful form of sleep, but the processes of lucid dreaming mean that there are actual biological changes that take place that make you feel more relaxed; try researching online how you can help a lucid dream along.