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Careers in Health Science



There is such a wide range of college degrees it can be hard to know what to major in. How do you know there will be available jobs when you graduate? What has the most growth potential? Doing some research before you decide can help.  We have looked at jobs related to nutrition and kinesiology, now let’s look at health sciences.

With health officials are in high demand, this is a great field to go into. As the Baby Boomer generation gets older more and more health services are needed.  Hospitals and other health care facilities offer plenty of room for advancement in a number of positions. Here are some.

Medical Assistant

While at an average yearly pay of $24,000 a year, a job as a medical assistant is often an entry-level position for those who want to advance in these fields.  They aid physicians by completing administrative basic tasks to help keep the office running. In some cases, you may work exclusively with patients or labs. In other offices, the assistant may keep records and do the booking and secretarial work.  Lastly, they may be in charge of buying and maintaining supplies or various equipment.

Hospital Admitting Clerk

When you walk into a doctor’s office the admitting clerk is usually the first person you see. As the face of the practice, you would be in charge of interviewing new patients, gathering all necessary forms, insurance, and emergency contacts while entering into the data into the computers. They would also explain all hospital rules and regulations patients may need to know about including things like visiting hours and forms of payment. They may even be called upon to escort patients to rooms.

Hospital Administrator

A hospital administrator works closely with the hospital manager to help run all hospital departments and other facilities.  These facilities may include rehab clinics, outpatient centers, hospice services, or mental health facilities. An administrator is also in charge of evaluating existing employees as well as hiring new ones. They are crucial parts of any hospital due to the fact their jobs is to make sure all departments are working together smoothly and effectively.

Hospital Manager

A hospital manager is in charge of most, or all, of the executive duties of running a hospital. They also help coordinate and plan all services that a hospital might offer. They are the supervisors of all physicians, nursing staff, health information technicians, and other employees even on down to the cafeteria workers. Don’t forget your financial duties as well. Even after graduation, you will need to continue learning as the medical field is constantly changing.

A career in the health field can be very rewarding as you work to with a wide array of people to improve their quality of life. Check with accredited online universities for available classes.