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Is Health Science For Me?



Despite the tough economic times going to college can still be a great way to increase your earning potential.  That being said you will need to decide on a major and that is not always easy. In fact, some jobs, such as the health industry, require very specific degrees, and doing your research now can save you some pain down the road. We have looked at degrees such as public health administration and nursing, now let’s look at jobs available with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science.

First of all, a degree in health sciences is a great degree because the health care industry isn’t going away. In fact, it is growing at a very fast rate as Baby Boomers are getting older and require more medical care. It also offers up several career options. Here are a few.

Hospital Manager

A health science degree can prepare you for a job as a hospital manager.  You would supervise the physicians, health information technicians, nursing staff, and even the food services, staff. A minor in finances would be wise as it involves a lot of budget work. You will also have to continue your education on a yearly basis as health care is constantly changing and coming up with new laws and regulations. In fact, many hospital managers go on to earn their master’s degree as well. The average salary for this position is $47,535 a year.

Hospital Admitting Clerk

The hospital admitting clerk is in charge of interviewing new patients and oversees their data entered into the system. You would have to learn about all sorts of insurance types and what coverage’s they offer. You may also need to explain all hospital regulations such as visiting hours and payment of accounts to patients and their families. Additionally, you may escort patients around and perform other random tasks.

Medical Assistant

An online bachelor’s degree from a school such as Trident University can also qualify for a job as a medical assistant. While it doesn’t pay the best this position serves as a great way of getting your foot in the door. Assistants aid physicians by performing administrative tasks and other basic duties to keep things running. You may also be in charge of ordering and maintaining supplies, bookkeeping, answering the phone, and scheduling appointments.

Generally speaking, a bachelor’s degree in health sciences can open up doors to several different careers that many find very rewarding.