Role of Facebook in Hospital Management


A hospital is a large organization that provides critical health services to a community. It is governed by strict policies and standards that need to be enforced and implemented on a daily basis year round. It is also responsible for the consumption of finite resources such as time, manpower, finances, inventories and raw materials.  Their consumption and usage must be justified to various stakeholders as a great deal of money and investment goes into hospitals.

Not only that, a hospital provides crucial and essential health and life services to patients and society. Therefore it is important for its smooth and efficient functioning on a year round basis to maintain a decent quality of life for society.

Facebook – The Transition

Facebook has come a long over years since its inception in the year 2004. At first it started off as purely a social networking website that gave users a chance to interact with one another over the internet and share their life stories and updates.

Now, Facebook is being used for that, and a whole lot more. Its activities span from social networking to mass market advertising. It is now a platform that provides its users and clients to interact with its audience on a personal level. One of the largest uses of Facebook is to gain feedback and input from users which is then used in the form of research and findings. Advertising and marketing is also one of the most common uses of Facebook by organizations such as hospitals and the like.

Facebook and Hospital Management


Hospitals can use Facebook for a number of reasons that will help it manage itself better. Delivering information to patients, stakeholders and the community is a prime example. This can revolve around news updates, products, services and important health information. It can also serve as a public safety news bulletin. Once dispersed, this information is quite likely to reach the masses and improve the hospital’s brand and image in the market.

Facebook is great tool for a hospital when it wishes to promote health or awareness campaigns, which can also be termed as a public service message. With its ability to reach the masses and niche markets, Facebook is an ideal platform for creating health campaigns. Furthermore, its reach can be fine-tuned if the hospital wishes to target a niche market such as children below the age of 12, thereby improving its effectiveness.

When it comes to recruiting and finding talent to enlist in its pool of human resources, hospitals can greatly benefit from using Facebook’s wide reach. Instead of relying on the traditional method of recruiting talent, a hospital can carefully collect information from potential candidates. This greatly cuts down recruitment time and costs and improves the possibility of finding the correct match between a job’s opening and a potential candidate.

Getting a hold of accurate, timely and relevant Information is the key to success for any project. Hospitals can use Facebook to gather feedback from stakeholders. Such information can pertain to its products, services, staff, management, business model or so on. With this information, a hospital can re-align itself to give the market what it needs. It can also develop new policies or programs that can fill a gap in the market.

Experts and professional medical advisors can also use Facebook as a medium to guide medical advice and counseling to patients. As a business model, this is gradually gaining momentum as a hospital can reach out to patients across borders thereby increasing its customer base and improving marketability.

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