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Social Care – What Are My Career Options?



Social care is an interesting and rewarding university course that attracts thousands of students across the country and provides them with a wide range of possible career options to choose from in the future.

Here is a look at some of the possible career choices available in the world of social work.

Social care graduates

There are a number of careers that are directly related to a degree in social care. For graduates recently out of university, some of the most common starting roles include residential care workers in a home, learning support assistants, or a residential social worker.

Social work students often demonstrate excellent levels of compassion and empathy, making them a great candidate for the role of a care assistant in a nursing home or possibly a youth worker for a local council and government. For those interested in pursuing the field, one can do so by obtaining an online social work degree, getting you started on the right path of a fulfilling career.

The skills developed in a social work degree are also valuable across a range of other industries. For instance, teaching utilizes a number of the same caring and social principles, and roles like a classroom assistant in a primary school or an assistant librarian may also be worthwhile pursuits.

At its core, social work is all about developing people skills, and another industry that thrives of human interaction and understanding is HR. Trainee recruitment consultants and careers advisors are both fields that are opened up following an education in social care.

Home care assistants

With the UK’s elderly population excepted to boom in the coming years, the home care industry is becoming more vital than ever. Home care assistants are trained to provide some of the services and facilities that elderly people need to survive and flourish, including practical support and consistent human contact.

For many people, the choice to remain at home later in life is one that allows them to retain their dignity and a sense of independence. Those in Care Assistant Jobs make this possible by helping them with a range of practical life tasks, including dressing, cooking, and bathing. The nature of these tasks requires that home care assistants have a calm and polite demeanor and plenty of patience and compassion.

Residential care

When people reach a stage in life where living at home is no longer possible, it’s a comfort to know there’s a safe and happy alternative. For people of all ages with physical and learning disabilities, residential care assistants are very valuable. These staff members specialize in creating a comfortable and dignified place for residents to enjoy their lives.

Social care in the community

Social care careers can also take people out onto the streets to play an active role in the community. This could include working in an outreach team that specializes in problematic family situations.

Social care workers also spend time helping families and communities that are affected by substance abuse or other growing issues. These careers can go a long way towards helping people and whole families rebuild their lives.