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Nursing – A Promising Career Field



Nursing – a promising career field

Choosing a college major is a tough decision students have to make. The shrinking economy makes the decision process even harder since no student wants to choose a major that will leave them struggling to find a job and earn a steady income after graduation.

But, if there is one career field that will continue to grow and always be in demand, it is nursing. With a nursing degree, you have a range of well-paying and successful job options available, along with several other rewards and benefits.

Whether you have already finalized your decision to work in the healthcare field, or are still unsure if it is the right career field for you, listed below are the reasons why many choose to earn a degree in nursing.

A demanding, growing field

In today’s struggling economy, it is not surprising that many recent college graduates are having trouble landing a job in their studied field. However, jobs in healthcare, particularly nursing, will always be in demand and from all parts of the United States.

In fact, by 2014 more than 4,700,000 new health care jobs will be available, and this list of potential nursing interview questions and answers can get you ready to interview for one of these jobs.

An array of career opportunities

The healthcare field offers you a myriad of career opportunities and from all educational backgrounds. Jobs in the healthcare field include working as a medical doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacist, physical therapist, dietician, and home health aide among many others.

Jobs in this field are not limited to just those with medical degrees. You can also work in the administrative and support fields of healthcare. Also, some hospitals and healthcare practices offer tuition reimbursement if you want to higher your education.

Good earnings and benefits

Working in the healthcare field allows you to earn a good income with competitive wages. Nurses generally receive benefits including health insurance, a retirement plan, and paid vacations. You can make an even higher income by receiving a higher education.

Also, flexible schedules are usually available in environments such as in hospitals and nursing homes, in which you have different work shifts available.

Fast environment, new challenges

The healthcare field is a fast-paced environment in which you will be working with patients who have different health issues in which they depend on you for help. You will have to solve problems fast and work in the best interest of the patient.

The opportunity to help others

Many decide to work in the nursing field because of their desire to help others and make a difference. You will have the opportunity to help individuals dealing with all types of diseases, illnesses, and health issues, and formulate relationships with them.

These are just a few of the reasons why many students choose to earn a degree in healthcare. There is an array of nursing schools throughout PA available to help you get started on your degree.