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Healthcare Jobs and Personal Satisfaction



The expanding industry of healthcare provides many career opportunities to individuals with a passion and desire to help others. A healthcare team includes entry-level employees with certificates or undergraduate degrees and professional-level employees who have obtained an advanced degree. Every position on the healthcare team plays a vital role in the success of any medical facility or organization.

Health jobs such as nurses, medical assistants, and specialized technicians are in high demand across the globe. Careers in healthcare that do not provide direct care include medical records clerks, front office personnel, and administration. Healthcare assistants are crucial to productivity as they provide support for nurses, physicians, and technicians who can shift their focus on developing effective treatment plans to help patients recover efficiently. Some of the most prominent assistant positions may include:

• Medical assistant (MA)

• Certified nursing assistant (CNA)

• Physical therapy assistant (PTA)

• Physician Assistant (PA)

A physician assistant is qualified to perform many of the same tasks as a physician. Hospitalist PAs are responsible for providing inpatient care after a patient is admitted into the hospital. They manage and coordinate treatment in conjunction with the patient’s primary care physician. Hospitalist jobs were initially created to increase productivity and quality of patient care within the hospital facility.

Hospitalist jobs may also include internal medicine physicians and family practice doctors. Also, some hospitalists are medical specialists that may specialize in intensive care or practice a specific area of expertise and choose not to work in an independent practice. The most fundamental part of their job includes wound care and pain management.

Home health care and hospice care is a rapidly growing sector of the healthcare industry. Health jobs in this sector include home health aides that provide in-home assistance for the elderly and disabled. Hospice care may be provided in the home to patients who are terminally ill.

Individuals that prefer to work in an area of healthcare that does not provide direct patient care may choose to work as a pharmacy or pharmacy technician. The role of the pharmacist is to provide patients with prescription medications and help educate them on proper care while taking them. Pharmacy technicians help dispense medications and work directly under the supervision of the pharmacist.

A career in healthcare can be challenging and satisfying. Many positions offer flexible scheduling and lucrative pay. Advancement opportunities are available in almost all sections of healthcare. Jobs in healthcare can provide a sense of pride and satisfaction while helping others overcome their most vulnerable moments.