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5 Study Tips For Getting Through Nursing School



Nursing school can be one of the most challenging career schools to undertake. Success in nursing school, however, leads to a very rewarding career. Classes are very arduous and demand a lot of ability to apply concepts and the ability to memorize facts in an effective way. Most nursing students find there are certain study tips that are helpful while they are working their way through nursing school.

Study With A Partner

Try to find a person with study habits similar to your own and with a similar learning style. It can help to bounce ideas off one another. Quizzing each other when it comes to memorizing material is also very helpful. Some nursing students find that they study better alone. For many students, though, a partner is helpful.

Study In Advance

When you are faced with a deadline like a big test coming up, the best tip is to study early and keep studying continuously until you’ve mastered all the facts and concepts. It is never wise to put off studying until a few days before an important test. Most students find that doing this backfires on them and can cause them to experience failure due to things like sleep deprivation. Pulling an all-night study session is never wise. It is more effective to study over time.

Take Advantage of Available Help

If your nursing school offers help like tutors and instructor assistants, take advantage of that if you think it will help you. Some schools offer these programs knowing that students benefit from them. This can help immensely to strengthen areas where weaknesses lie and aid in mastering new subjects.

Study As You Go

Another very effective way to study in nursing school is to study the class material as soon as it is covered in class. A good rule of thumb is two hours of study for every hour of class, although some people don’t need as much time. If you find that you have difficulty understanding something, be sure to always ask for help if you need it. Most instructors are very accommodating and willing to help. If you’ve been given study guides or handouts, be sure to use them. They really can be helpful as well.

Participate in Class

Participate in class as much as you can and try to forge a good working relationship with your instructor. Ask questions and ask for help after class if you feel like you need it and be sure to allow ample time to study each day. Try to form a study habit of reviewing a chapter already covered in the past and then go on to the new chapter, while remembering to do any review questions you find to help keep the material fresh in your mind.

Remember, Online Resources Can Be Valuable

One helpful idea is to use the resources found online. Some students are very visual learners and find that watching videos posted online can help them to visualize concepts so they will be remembered. Another useful online resource is found in support groups for nurses and nursing students. Bouncing ideas off one another and asking and answering each other’s questions aids in the learning process and helps many to find success in their pursuit of a nursing career.

Sometimes knowing that another person is having the same issues you are having in mastering a subject is very reassuring. Others who have already mastered those principles can offer valuable advice. Studying for a nursing career is not easy, but is very worthwhile.