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First Aid Certification Study Tips



If you’re looking to get your CPR and first aid certification online, you’ll need some study tips and guidelines. Find out below where to get information, and how to study for your CPR and first aid certification class and exam.

Look for Study Guides

There are a variety of different sources from which to get CPR and first aid study guides online, including hospitals and other healthcare organizations. These study guides can help you focus on the most important parts of first aid procedures in order to qualify for your certification. Ensure that you’re getting a study guide from an accredited and reputable source!

Take a Class

Many hospitals and universities provide low-cost classes in order to teach the basics of CPR. If you have the time, classes can be beneficial, though online classes offer the most flexibility for a busy schedule. With the same quality information and the freedom to take the class at your own pace, online classes offer much more convenience than an in-person class.

Online classes allow students to work on the class material around the busy schedule of having a job, going to school, having a family, or any combination of the three. Online classes also make reviewing the material much easier, since students don’t have to rely on an in-person instructor for the course material.

Review, Review, Review

Perhaps the most important part of studying for your CPR and first aid certification test is actually reviewing all the information. Finding study guides can help, and taking classes are greatly beneficial, but you must thoroughly study the material in order to actually learn the information.

Make flashcards, have friends or family quiz you, and implement any other study methods that work for you. If you’re taking an online class, review the material as much as possible since it’s readily available.

Get Your Certification!

Find an accredited service – such as the American Red Cross or SimpleCPR – that offers online certification and recertification. When you’ve signed up and gone through the proper classes and subject-areas, you’ll be allowed to take the actual exam. Once you pass, you’re certified!

Many jobs will require CPR and first aid certification; it’s also highly beneficial for the general public to know how to perform. Knowing how to treat wounds and perform lifesaving techniques will enable a person to act appropriately in an emergency situation, and possibly save lives. So get your first aid and CPR certification online today!