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Office Fitness 101: How to Stay Fit Despite Busy Work Schedule



Stay fit and healthy!” – we often hear this statement. Indeed, there are so many ways to maintain a healthy body.

In addition to proper diet, one way to keep the body fit is through the workout. For those who have spare time, they enroll in a fitness program to help them stay in shape. Meanwhile, working professionals who can’t find time to go to the gym tend to perform those workout activities in their minds – through imagination. Funny right? Take for instance those women who are into the business world. They are likely to neglect to do exercises because of a hectic schedule.

Are you one of these “all works, no time to exercise” women? Don’t sulk. Even if you do not have time to visit the gym, simple workout activities can be done while doing your office works. Yes! you can stay fit without even paying much attention to it. In other words, these activities can easily and smoothly blend in with your daily routine.

Walk your Way Around

As we all know, walking is the simplest form of exercise. Improve the strength of your legs by simply walking around. Even if how busy you are in the office, obviously, you need to walk to go in and out of your office. Instead of sending IMs to the person, you want to talk to, why not walk over to his/her place to personally tell what you need? Also, avoid eating on your desk instead make your way to the canteen or nearby restaurant.

In case your office is on the 3rd or 4th floor, make use of the stairs instead of using the elevator. Simple routines like these can already make a big difference in your fitness program. Keep in mind that walking is also a good cardio exercise. Therefore, it is not only beneficial to the legs but good to the heart as well.

Jiggle your Feet

While manipulating your computer, try to move your legs to avoid getting cramps. Jiggle your feet under your desk to let the blood and oxygen circulate smoothly. Moving your feet helps ease muscle tension and stiffness on the legs due to prolonged sitting. Push your chair a little backward and extend your legs forward, making them parallel to the floor, then shake your legs off. Doing this simple exercise regularly can help tone your calves. In addition, it can alleviate the pain associated with wearing high heels. Don’t worry nobody will find out that you are doing it.

Stand Up and Sit Down

Answering a call? Don’t just sit down and slouch on your chair. Try to stand up and stretch some muscles, such as your neck, hips, and arms. Walk a few steps then go back to your seat. If the conversation takes longer, stand up again, and do the same. Standing up and sitting down can help you flex your back. Busy people are like glued on their seats – once they sat down, it is quite difficult to separate them from their seats. Thus, if you have time (even just for a few minutes), take advantage of it – stand up and flex those aching muscles.

Shrug Shoulders

Busy reading business documents? Shrug your shoulders to release stiffness on your neck and shoulder blades. Lift your shoulders towards your ears and hold it for a few seconds. Slowly release and drop them. While holding papers, you can even move your shoulders in a circular motion, clockwise then counterclockwise. This exercise will likely relax your neck and shoulder muscles. The best thing about this exercise is it will never require you to leave your office works to perform it.

See? Keeping yourself fit and healthy does not really demand lots of time. Even if you are just sitting on your office chair thinking of your business expansions loans or creating business strategies, simple exercises can help you stay in shape both physically and mentally. So women out there, what are you waiting for? Include these effortless workouts in your everyday routine.