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Sleep Deprived? It Could Affect Your Brain Too!



Sleep-deprived? It could affect your brain too! More often than not, many of us complain of fatigue. While this is true that the reason for our tiredness could be our busy schedules, there is more than just physical strain that is the cause. There is a good possibility that the real cause is sleep deprivation. Being sleep deprived indicates that a person did not have enough sleep. Medically, it has been recommended that a human body needs 8 hours of sleep to stay fit and healthy.

However, several studies indicate that most people do not get the necessary sleep. Though this is a serious issue, people don’t consider it important enough to spend at least 8 hours in bed. Sleep deprivation can have a serious impact on the brain of a person too. The human brain is a very complicated organ. The brain works all day long performing complex functions and processes that are important to keep us alive, working, and performing our everyday activities. As the brain works all day long, it is important that it gets the necessary rest. While the brain continues to work while we sleep too, it performs its functions in a passive mode.

The brain will regulate your body’s functions with their hormones, etc so that your body is physically ready for the next day. Sleep is the basic need of the human brain. A person who doesn’t get enough sleep for long will face troubles with his memory and concentration. Sleep is not a casual power nap. What your brain actually needs is a good deep sleep of 8 long hours. There are a few people who may need less or need more than this. It depends on your work schedules, kind of lifestyle, and health. However, on average an 8-hour sleep is good enough for the brain. Deep sleep helps in restoring your brain cells and refreshes its ability to perform its functions in a better way.

No sleep for a long time will mean that your brain does not produce new brain cells and this can seriously cause troubles to your brain. Researchers have indicated that lack of sleep affects the Hippocampus, which is a major component of the human brain. This component is responsible for forming memories and controlling spatial navigation. When a person is asleep deprives, these functions are primarily affected. While the brain will be able to perform simple tasks when you are sleep deprived, it will show less alertness and will not function effectively. In order to keep your brain fit and healthy, getting enough sleep is important. Only when your brain gets some rest will it be able to stay alert.

People don’t really understand the need for sleep unless they are sleep deprived. In order to meet the various work and social commitments owning to our lifestyle, most of us sacrifice our sleep. This can help you take care of your commitments in the short-run however, in the long run; it causes loss of productivity as you will ultimately have issues with lack of concentration and focus.