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How to Cut Down Alcohol Consumption?



Reducing alcohol consumption can be a daunting task for anyone.  There are hundreds to thousands of alcohol consumers who want to cut down their alcohol consumption but do not know how to do it and from where to start. No matter what your reasons for desiring to do so, cutting back on alcohol is something you will not regret.

 There are a number of serious negative consequences of alcohol consumption that people often only experience once it is too late. Since you haven’t yet fully experienced the debilitating effects of regular alcohol intake, you realize that this is the time to take action and do something about a problem before it gets uncontrollable.

Lowering alcohol intake has many feel-good benefits. It is not only good for your health but also great for your relationships. Not a bad combination, is it? And the good news is that there are plenty of practical ways to quit drinking alcohol.

Do not keep alcohol at your home and in working place

The simplest and quickest way to cut back drinking alcohol is to make your home and work environment alcohol-free zones, where you never keep alcohol for future consumption. Usually, what happens? When you have a bottle of wine or a six-pack of beer around your house or office, you drink more than you would normally because you don’t have to run to a liquor store to buy it. The reality is you make it easier for yourself to drink much more because you keep it there to consume later on if you feel like drinking.

The main point here is to make it easy to not drink and easy to stay healthy. And when you keep alcohol around your home and workplace it becomes easier to drink and harder to feel healthy. Don’t feel that there won’t be times when you’ll still be enticed to go out to the store to buy wine. But by making it less convenient, you will make it simpler to spend the next day fully conscious and energetic. You can stock up on other drinks that you enjoy like water, herbal tea, fruit juices, etc rather than alcohol or caffeinated beverages.

Limit your alcohol intake

The other thing you can do is to limit the amount of drink you intake each day. According to WCRF: women should have no more than 2 drinks a day, and men should not have more than 3 drinks a day. By doing this, you will gradually lower the number of alcoholic beverages entering your bloodstream whereas getting the relief of beer or any other liquor may be developed. Approximately everyone drinks some too many from time to time, but if you are concerned about your usual intake, follow these tips for cutting back:

  • Make a plan: This is very important to keep a record of how many drinks you tend to drink per day and how long until the number reaches zero.
  • Pick the smallest serving size: Try not to have big glasses of alcoholic beverages or double measures of spirits. Also, take small gulps rather than a big one.
  • Switch to the low alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks: Don’t drink the alcohol straight as it may make your taste buds dulled and you will not be able to tell the difference. Lower the amount of wine or take a light bear after the first few drinks will also help you to stay hydrated.
  • Avoid having alcohol on a few nights a week: Do some of the activities that you find enjoyable and that usually don’t include alcoholic beverages such as join a hobby class, go to watch a movie, or bathe in a hot tub with perfumed oils.
  • Aware yourself about the harmful effects of drinking alcohol: Always aware yourself with the damaging effects of alcohol consumption. If you drink more than the prescribed limits, you may put yourself at risk of weight problems, liver disease, irritability, and other alcohol-related disorders.

Exercise and Diet

While you are cutting down on your drinking consumption, start increasing your overall fluid consumption. Make sure to take at least 8-10 full glasses of water that will help in making your body hydrated and expel the remaining alcohol from your body. Your diet should include berries, melons, tomatoes, and citrus fruits that contain necessary nutrients and antioxidants, which help in repairing cells and removing free radicals. Moreover, if you are experiencing some withdrawal symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, mild-anxiety, etc. then start an exercise routine that will help to strengthen your body, regulate your body’s natural rhythms and reduce mental stress.


Self-hypnosis is the best method to cut down on drinking. Hypnosis is a proven technique that helps you to hypnotize yourself to change unwanted behaviors and to cut down on your drinking habits. You can read Robbins Blair’s book on Instant Self-Hypnosis that will allow you to hypnotize yourself without putting down the book.

I hope all the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you to cut down alcohol consumption successfully. These are small but important and effective tips that will change your attitude towards drinking. And a lot of small changes will add up to a big change in your lifestyle.