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B-Ting Your Tiredness: Sublingual Vitamin B12



You do it every day. It’s almost a routine now – and what’s even worse is that you keep drinking it throughout the day to keep yourself awake or to get a boost of energyCoffee is the number one drink that people take in the middle of the day, or drink first thing in the morning to be awake.  While it may work for just a little while it isn’t the answer that many people would expect.  The real root of the problem as far as tiredness is concerned is not a lack of caffeine or soda. Once the caffeine wears off you will feel a heavy crash.  The real problem to your tiredness is a lack of vitamin B12 – not a lack of caffeine.

Why You Need to Boost B12

There are a lot more reasons other than tiredness that B12 is needed.  When the nervous system works right then you become a little more awake and aware.  Vitamin B12 shots were common in the day, but having sustained amounts of B12 has its benefits.  There are other reasons why vitamin B12 is necessary.

  • Red blood cell formation – B12 creates and maintains red blood cells.  A lack of B12 causes anemia and limits the body’s chances of making red blood cells.  This is also one of the reasons why people feel tired throughout the day.  Other side effects include lightheadedness or shortness of breath.  What’s even worse is that it has led to massive diarrhea.  Red blood cell formations need to work like a well-oiled machine.  If it doesn’t your body will tell you about it.
  • Mood – B12 helps you to alleviate mood swings and it certainly boosts the energy levels.  The B12 works by taking energy from any carbs and proteins taken in (good and bad) and metabolizes it.  This in turn gives the body a boost of energy.  When food and drinks don’t metabolize it essentially just sits in the stomach storing and causing fat to develop.  No one really wants to have that but it happens. Every ounce of food that you take in should go toward something useful in the body.
  • Cognitive Help – Your cognitive functions are often impaired when you drink a few drinks, or when you first wake up. The body and the eyes haven’t quite caught up with each other. Imagine having that problem all the time.  Many people do, unfortunately.  It’s not fun to deal with and more particularly it can be extremely dangerous.  The cognitive functions of every person are so vital to the way they live their life.

Vitamin B12 is one of the most important vitamins we can take.  There are high levels of it in clams, beef, and some fish, but the problem is there are some calories involved in eating those things. Liquid B12 essentially fixes the problem without taking in the calories or fat. If you want a vitamin that helps your body function and focuses then vitamin B12 is it.

Taking Liquid B12

Taking B12 is as easy as dropping a few drops under the tongue. Sublingually taking vitamins is probably the fastest way to absorb it.  Where it takes precedence over coffee and soda is that B12 is all-natural and it lasts a lot longer than caffeine.  Caffeine is also bad for the body in high doses because it actually restricts the flow of blood to the brain.

When taking liquid B12 it is almost instantaneous.  Your typical energy drink or soda doesn’t have instant effects and it’s not combined with other carbohydrates (sugars).  Taking liquid B12 is so convenient and easy that people do it without even thinking about it.  What’s even better is that you can put it under the tongue or put it in some water to make a good combination.

Either way, taking B12 will help solve several problems from fatigue to getting yourself in a better mood.  No one likes the feeling of tiredness.  Even though some of it may be because you didn’t sleep well the night before, but even if you did you shouldn’t have a tired feeling.

Take B12 for good results. You’ll probably find yourself more awake at 2:00 P.M. instead of struggling to find the next cup of coffee.