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A Healthy Alterative to Energy Drinks



Going through any gas station or grocery store and you can see racks and racks of energy drinks, energy bars, gum, and even energy alcoholic drinks. We must be one sleepy nation to need all this energy in all these different forms.

The convenience and easy access to these drinks, bars, gum, etc. make them incredibly popular with teens and college students. Everyone wants a boost of energy from time to time and these are what they turn too.

Going green with your Energy Boost.
Not going green as in recycling, and conservation, but going green by going all-natural. All-natural energy supplements give you the same effects of energy drinks, and minus the weight gain, and the heavy crash after the energy wears off.

All-natural energy supplements are often vegetarian and vegan. All-natural means you don’t have to worry about artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Often times natural energy supplements are much more gentle than energy drinks, with less to no side effects.

Why Natural is always better.
Natural supplements boost your body’s own energy creation, producing real energy instead of simply filling you up with stimulants. Using natural energy supplements promote hour after hour of energy, not a quick high and a hard crash.

Often time’s people taking high doses of caffeine will experience two negative effects on their body, first, your body will build a resistance to caffeine so you’ll more and more to get the same rush. Next is the caffeine addiction, make no mistake caffeine is a drug, withdrawing can cause you to feel sluggish and develop headaches.

A more pleasant side effect of taking natural energy supplements is you get a variety of vitamins and minerals as well. Not only are you promoting healthy energy, but a better lifestyle in general.

Convenient and frugal

So convenience makes the use of energy drinks a big deal, makes it cheap, and makes it easy. Well, natural energy supplements come in a pocket-sized bottle than can give you anywhere from 20 to 90 doses. These little pills can fit anywhere and can be at your side anytime you need a boost, from your pocket, purse, or briefcase these things are ready when you are.

Price-wise natural energy supplements really get you more bang for your buck. A can of monster costs 2.39 on average, natural energy supplements cost varies per bottle and brand so it’s hard to average out. Most prices I see though are around 22 dollars for 90 capsules. Do the math 90 times 2.39 is way more than 22 dollars.

Natural energy supplements are the way to go. They provide a healthy alternative to energy drinks at a lower cost and a more convenient package.