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5 Disgusting Reasons College Students Are Unhealthy



When kids get to college, they may fall into some unhealthy habits before the end of the first semester. Though many of these habits are surely disgusting, they are a crucial part of the college experience. Some youngsters may be able to get a grip on themselves before they fall off the cliff completely. Others may live their college lives in a sweet malaise that will only lift when graduation is upon them.

Promiscuous Sex

When kids head off to the local college or university, there is a very good chance that they will be engaging in promiscuous activities. Though most young men and women will understand the importance of studying, they will likely also be cultivating relationships with the opposite sex. In fact, many college students come down with sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia and gonorrhea are the most common. Young adults who are packing their bags and heading off to one of the big party schools should be aware of how easily they can become infected.

Excessive Drinking

Drinking is no doubt rampant on many college campuses. In fact, binge drinking, which involves the consumption of vast amounts of beer or liquor within a limited time period, can lead to vomiting, blackouts, and alcohol poisoning. Students who engage in binge drinking on a regular basis may experience bad hangovers the next day. Excessive drinking can lead to weight gain, poor grades, and general degradation of the liver. Students who show signs of alcoholism should seek professional help before the problem spirals further out of control.

Smoking to Relieve Stress

Nicotine is sometimes perceived as the college student’s friend. With the vast array of cigarettes and cigars that are available at each and every corner market, young adults can puff away on whatever they like. Though cigarettes may indeed lower stress levels while an important exam is being studied for, they can also cause a number of disgusting side effects. The tar from cigarettes can build up on the teeth and stain them yellow. Smoking can also cause bad breath. In addition, the heavier brands that are so loved by college students can cause wheezing, coughing, and malignancies later in life.

Poor Hygiene

Whenever a list of disgusting habits is being discussed, poor hygiene will always rear its ugly head. Students who are heading off to college are, of course, still kids at heart. Thus, they will likely fall into bad habits when they are away from their parents for the first time. Failing to brush their teeth, use deodorant, shower regularly, or do their laundry each week are all things that can lead to unpleasant odors and disapproving looks. Students who become hardcore party animals might also let their rooms become chaotic black holes. When their parents come to visit for the weekend, they will likely have to spend an entire day cleaning the dorm room from top to bottom.

Cold and Flu Season

Last but not least, most youngsters have a real problem when it comes to spreading germs. Though they will likely understand that the wintertime will bring an onslaught of cold and flu viruses, they will be less than passionate about keeping their germs to themselves. Because they will be focused on studying and partying, young men and women will forget to wash their hands or cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze. In this way, the dorms themselves will turn into festering cauldrons of disease.

Ultimately, college students are known for following a number of disgusting and unhealthy habits. With luck, however, they will eventually go on to become responsible and productive adults by the time they enter the real world.