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The Truth About Building Massive Muscle



Of course, practically every guy out there wants to build muscle and look great when they take their shirt off.

But most people just don’t know where to begin and with the abundance of information out there, it can get really confusing. So in this article, we will go through everything that you need to know in order to put on all the muscle mass you want, to look great naked.

Now in an ideal situation, you are going to want to put on muscle mass that is really strong. Unless you’re a bodybuilder, I wouldn’t focus on putting on puffy mass for the sake of it. Simply because you are going to look a lot better when you have a lean mass on your body, and you will be a lot stronger too!

Those of you that are hard gainers need not worry too much because I will be sharing all the tips that will help you put on as much muscle as you want… in a healthy and safe manner of course.

What’s The Ideal Amount Of Muscle Mass an Individual Should Look to Build?

There are many research studies that prove that people that are leaner are more likely to live longer and healthier lives. Not only will your chances of living longer increase but the likelihood of you getting some kind of chronic disease will be significantly reduced.

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that there are three hormones that are essentially responsible and result in muscle growth. They include testosterone, growth hormone (GH), and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF1).

To maximize your chances of building muscle up you need to understand how each of these three hormones affects muscle growth:

One: Testosterone

Yes, it is likely that all of you have heard of many bodybuilders who knowingly inject anabolic steroids into their muscles. Well, there is a good reason they do this.

The most common basis for all these types of anabolic steroids is testosterone.

While the hormone testosterone has many functions that it contributes to within the human body, one of the most commonly known ones is its effect on growing muscle.

The reason testosterone helps muscles grow is that it actually helps the process of protein synthesis, which happens within your muscles. This of course only happens when it works in conjunction with other anabolic hormones such as GH.

The only way you are ever going to increase the amount of muscle mass that you have on your body is if you have testosterone pumping through your blood. But trust me you need not inject yourself with any steroids to get the end result you want.

Two: Growth Hormone

There are two basic roles that growth hormone takes a part in. The first being it helps you grow more muscle but the second is that it helps you burn more body fat.

Its ability to burn body fat is a really important attribute that you are going to need later on. There is little point in building up massive amounts of muscle mass, only to have it covered up by layers upon layers of fat. If you leave it like this, then you will end up looking obese.

Three: Insulin-like Growth Factor One

IGF1 is extremely similar to GH in terms of its nature and what it carries out. It works with GH to help increase the mass of your muscles.

All three of these hormones are anabolic and the only way that you will ever build muscle is when these three are working together. To put it in simple terms, the testosterone that your body produces will cause more IGF1 to be produced, but both of these won’t be created unless there is a GH present.

How Does The Central Nervous System (CNS) Affect Muscle Building?

Naturally, your body doesn’t want to build more muscle than you need simply because it takes more effort to maintain all that muscle, and unless you need it your body will think its wasted energy. So in order to produce these anabolic hormones in the amounts that are needed for muscle growth, you are going to have to push your body and give it a good reason to do so. To really maximize the results you get, you need to make sure that you are really jolting your CNS awake.

But believe me to get your central nervous system to do anything will require a lot of intense, focused effort. It’s not going to do anything by you just jogging for thirty minutes a day.

You know those weights that have been sitting in your room for years and have all those cobwebs over them. Yes, they just won’t do the job here either.

It’s essential that you push yourself really hard, and by hard I mean hard because that is the only way you are going to get your CNS to do anything.

Doing things like getting down to your gym and lifting really heavy weights on a daily basis, as well as sprinting as hard as you can a couple of times per week are the kinds of activities that you need to be involved with for you to get the results you are hoping for.

Focus on full-body exercises such as the squat to really shock your CNS. Do this and the CNS will immediately pass on a message to your hypothalamus, which then passes on that message to your pituitary gland. Once your pituitary gland gets the message it will release hormones that are called luteinizing hormones, which basically tell your testicles to pump out more testosterone.

The pituitary gland is also responsible for producing growth hormone. The third hormone IGF1 is created by the liver, but the only time this is ever going to be produced is when there is enough growth hormone in your system.

These three hormones will only be created in the right quantities when you really shock your central nervous system into action. Things like running and jogging will do nothing, and your CNS will remain in a deep slumber.

If you really want solid muscle growth, you need to focus on things like sprinting and lifting really heavyweights.

All About Cortisol

Of course not only is it important that you create the right conditions in your body so that you can produce the right amount of the above hormones but at the same time it is essential that you minimize your body from creating a hormone that is known as cortisol. This hormone will literally burn all the muscles you have worked hard to build in the first place.

Cortisol is a stress hormone which is essential for when your body is undergoing tense pressure, such as not sleeping enough or perhaps when you’re feeling some sort of anxiety. This is when cortisol will be released to help you remain calm. But the side effect of this hormone being released is the fact that your muscles will slowly but surely begin to break down.

So to reduce too much of this hormone being produced you need to make sure that you are living a stress-free and happy life :)

Lift Really Heavy Weights

Now the one thing that will actually cause you to grow muscle is lifting weights. Don’t even think about muscle mass if you are not prepared to work hard and sweat it out at the gym.

I’d encourage each and every one of you to focus on full-body exercises because they are the ones that will produce the best results. Things like squats and deadlifts need to be the focus of your workout sessions.

To really jolt your CNS into action you need to work out the whole body in an intense manner as possible. The more intense the workout the more anabolic hormones that will be produced. This will ultimately mean that you will grow more and more muscle mass.

Your number one priority when it comes to lifting weights should be formed. The form has to be perfect because you will get no results regardless of how heavy the weight is if your form is terrible. The second priority is the weight. Just gradually increase the weight as you get stronger and stronger.

I’ve personally found that working out a single body part a week gives me the balance of a great workout and maximum gains.

Eat Lots and Lots of Healthy Foods (Vegetables and Meat)

Believe me, you need to eat way more than you think you do in order to get the results you are after.

To increase your muscle mass you have to eat, because, without the fuel, your muscles just won’t grow. The vast majority, almost 90% of the results you see will be down to the foods that you consume on a day to day basis.

It is essential that you are giving your body all the protein that it could ever need. The key to massive gains is to make sure that your diet is as clean as possible. That means eating lots and lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. For carbs, I’d recommend that you eat things like a sweet potato, but only after you have completed a seriously hard and intense workout.

Keep up this consistency and pretty soon you will be in the best shape of your life. Once you understand and apply the principles I’ve shared with you in this article then there is nothing that can stop you from gaining all the muscle you want!