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How to Increase Chances of Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival in Your Office



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Is your office ready if somebody collapses and is struck with sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)? Each year, more than 250,000 Americans die from this fast-acting heart condition. Its ability to strike anyone of any age, body type, or race, at any time makes it impossible to predict. While there are some risk factors, including poor nutrition, smoking, high blood pressure, family history, and more, even these are not enough to determine who will be the next victim of this tragic condition.

In offices, where many people spend the majority of their time during the week, having automated external defibrillators (AEDs) on hand to help in case an employee or customer is impacted by SCA is crucial to survival. But there are still more steps offices can take to train and educate their employees in case of an emergency.

The following is a plan that every office should implement to make sure their team is ready both at the office and wherever life may take them to play a crucial role in saving a life.

  1. Choose a program leader – When a specific person is appointed to the role of managing the AED maintenance and education, there is a higher likelihood that the program will be handled in the best way possible. This includes somebody to track expiration dates on the device and coordinate training materials for employees.
  2. Determine how many devices are needed – Your office space may already have such an item, but is one enough for the size and area of your work environment? The general rule is that there should be an AED within maximum reach of three minutes from any given location. With this in mind, the program leader should determine if more are required.
  3. Develop a communication plan – When a person is impacted by SCA, it is crucial that everyone works quickly to help save his or her life. A strong communication plan can help with this.
  4. Create awareness materials and hold training – To have the best chance at saving a person’s life, it is important that you train the people in your building on what to do in case of an emergency. This includes how to use the AEDs and where to find them.

Office space is one of the top areas where people spend their days. Therefore, having emergency equipment on hand to help save a life is crucial. Use these tips to increase the chances of survival in your office building.