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Do You Have To Do Cardio To Burn Fat?



If you have been following me for some time, you would realize that I hate just running and running and running! I hate those boring workouts! How can you possibly stay motivated to reach your fitness goals, if you are not enjoying what you’re doing!

I hate long (boring) cardio!

Now I hear this question a lot, “Do you have to do cardio to lose weight?” Well in short yes you do….WAIT!!! Don’t go anywhere let me explain.

When I say to you “Today we are going to do a cardio workout” what comes to mind? …… keep thinking….Well, I can put my car on it that most of you were thinking of running outside, treadmills, rowing machines, bleep tests, all those boring things, and you’re right they are what is classed as cardio yet, when I do cardio I don’t even touch any of these, never.

You see I do it differently.  Now before we go any further, you must understand I am not saying don’t use the treadmill, in some cases where people are extremely overweight then this type of exercise would be beneficial, yet what I am about to explain could still be used by those wanting to shed a heap of pounds or those of you would simply want to shed a few pounds.

If I said, “today we are going to perform some sumo squats, press-ups, cable wood-chops, and tricep dips to strengthen our Cardiovascular System” you would naturally say that those types of exercises are more associated with weight training or strength training, and they are.

But take a step back for one second. What if you were to perform these exercises at a high intensity, and even more what if I was to say, perform these exercises at a high intensity with no rest in-between each exercise. For instance, perform 15 reps of each exercise with no rest in-between each change-over, now tell me your heart isn’t pumping away, and you’re not out of breath!

These are the types of workout routines I do when I work out. There are a million and one reasons I do this. Firstly performing exercises one after another at a high intensity is a lot more fun than running continuously for 45 minutes on a treadmill! Secondly, by combining your cardio and strengthening exercises you are saving yourself much more time. You’re also working the body much harder; you’re giving it more to think about, resulting in losing more fat than usual. Win-win if you ask me.

These kinds of workouts are so much more effective in weight loss it’s unreal! It defiantly beats running on a treadmill while watching the local news or programs trying to sell you something on the TVs in your local gym.

You can get some great free fat burning workouts over on the FLC blog

In some ways, I feel like I am on a mission to change people’s way of thinking when it comes to fat loss, but give the old treadmills a rest for the next 6 weeks. Don’t even use them for a warm-up! (Bodyweight exercises are great for warming up) Create a program with the type of workout I’ve described above and let me know how you get on!