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Four Top Rated Cardio Exercise Equipment



Four top rated cardio exercise equipment

We all want to know the best devices as well as the most effective methods to build muscle, burn fat, or get in shape as quickly as possible. What is the most effective cardio-training equipment? Which cardio-training machine will work best?

The answer is none, in particular. What really matters is the intensity and duration of your workout. These are the main factors that will dictate the effectiveness of your cardio training.

On the other hand, you have to choose the most suitable device for your workout. In other words, a cyclist will logically favor cycling, those who practice rowing will prefer the rower, an athletic adept will use the treadmill more, and so on.

It is best to choose the one you like the most and which gives you the most pleasure. Practicing by being motivated is the best way to never miss the call!

To avoid monotony, do cardio sessions on different devices. Today, attack the treadmill, tomorrow the static bike, and after tomorrow the elliptical. Or, use two different cardio exercise equipment during the same session (one at the beginning, the other at the end). Below is a short description of the usual cardio equipment in sports halls:

(1) Treadmill

This is suitable for all those who like to walk or run, especially when the outdoor sport is no longer practicable due to bad weather. Walking is an excellent activity to control weight and strengthen bones and muscles. What is more, the risk of injury is minimal as it is a low-impact activity.

A study published in 1996 in the Journal of the American Medical Association analyzed the energy cost of 6 different cardio machines. The scientists concluded that under the conditions of the study, the treadmill was the best cardio equipment, in terms of energy expenditure at different levels of intensity.

(2) Static bike

The great advantage of this device is the low pressure it exerts on the joints, especially those of the knees and feet. On the other hand, it may take some time for you to get used to sitting for long periods. At first, the question of comfort may arise.

A recent study has given some good points to the static bike for cardio training. Interval training on this type of device has been shown to be as effective in improving cardiovascular function as in long-term training.

(3) Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is a good option for anyone who loves to walk or run without putting too much pressure on their joints. Because of its low impact, the elliptical trainer can be a good alternative to the treadmill, during a recovery phase after injury or after a long period of time without training.

This device is also very good for improving the coordination of limbs since it works both arms and legs.

A 2002 study indicates that the elliptical trainer would allow the different leg muscles to be worked through changes in speed and duration of the exercise.

The study also showed that the longer the exercise duration, the more calories are burned, confirming that it is an excellent substitute for treadmills and static bicycles. Another more recent study confirms this conclusion.

(4) Stepper

This is one of the most demanding cardio-training devices that burn the most calories. The stepper can be a powerful ally to strengthen the leg muscles. In order to use it, you should avoid overly assisting lateral supports, since this would decrease the work of the legs. Maintain correct posture throughout the exercise.