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What Do I Do After A Juice Cleanse?



If you’ve completed a juice cleanse, take a moment to congratulate yourself. You are on the right track to living a healthier life. Your body is finally rid of those toxins that slowed you down, and you have probably lost some weight in the process. Now, you need to continue on with your healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, you need to learn about the things you need to do after the juice fast.

Reintroduce Foods

Since you’ve been fasting for several days, it’s important that you reintroduce solid foods back into your diet over the course of four days. You will be allowed to add new foods each day.

Day 1

On the first day, you can eat fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, and nuts. You can add some spices to the fruit and vegetables, but don’t add any butter.

Day 2

On the second day, you can add some brown rice, sweet potatoes, and beans to your diet of fruits and vegetables. You can also eat steamed vegetables.

Day 3

By the third day, you can add eggs and yogurt into your diet. Add them in slowly so you don’t overwhelm your digestive system.

Day 4

You can start eating meat on the fourth day. Don’t eat fatty meats, though. Only consume lean meats or you could end up with a stomachache.

Day 5 and Beyond

After you reintroduce foods, you can eat what you want. However, it’s a good idea to eat sensibly so you can keep the benefits you received during the fast.

In order to do that, you need to eat foods that:

  • Eliminate toxins
  • Aid indigestion
  • Help you lose weight

Eliminate Toxins

There are lots of foods that you can include in your diet that will detoxify your system. You can eat:

These are just some of your options. Keep these in your diet so you can keep the toxins out of your system.

Aid in Digestion

You also want to eat foods that will aid in digestion. That way, you can keep your digestive system healthy after the cleanse.

With that in mind, you want to eat:

  • Yogurt
  • Bananas
  • Whole grains
  • Pickles
  • Lean meat

Add these foods into your meals when you can. You’ll likely notice a difference with your digestion.

Help You Lose Weight

Finally, you want to eat foods that will help you lose weight. That way, you can continue losing weight, even when you’re done with the juice cleanse.

Thus, eat:

  • Salad with a light dressing
  • Grapefruit
  • Tofu
  • Eggs

Along with these foods, fill your plate with lean protein sources. That way, you will get the energy you need without all of the fat. You don’t have to go on a hardcore diet after you juice cleanse. Instead, you just need to eat healthy foods. If you can do that, you will be able to maintain the benefits of the cleanse. Then, if you want to go back and do the cleanse again in the future, it will be even easier, since you will be healthier when you start.