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Weight Loss

Lose Weight Fast: Things to Consider



Ways to lose weight without diet or any exercise

Most people who find they’ve put on some extra weight also get that urge to take it off fast at some point.  Normally, weight gain is a gradual process, and losing that weight is best accomplished in the same, gradual fashion.

However, sometimes things like weddings, vacations, and other life events come along that make you want to lose weight fast.  It may be tricky, but it is possible to lose weight fast if you really want to.  As long as you consider some key aspects, you should do fine.

Fads and Gimmicks

It’s so easy to be reeled in by any number of fads and gimmicks that promise speedy weight loss.  Just stay up late for one night and flip through the television channels and you’re sure to see several pills, diets, and programs that are designed to dissolve pounds away quickly.

Many of these gimmick products don’t work as promised and many are difficult to follow.  If you’re in a position where you want to lose weight fast, really give it some thought before you plunk your money down on a heavily hyped weight loss product.

Creating a Caloric Deficit

Whether you use a specific product or not, one thing you’ll have to consider if you want to lose weight fast is creating a daily caloric deficit.  One pound equals about 3500 calories, so you’ll basically have to create that much deficit to lose a pound.

Now, this stuff is pretty high science, but regular exercise and diet are usually your best tools.  Taking in fewer calories, burning off more calories, and creating a situation where your body isn’t holding onto body fat unnecessarily will usually move you toward your goals.  Make sure that whatever method or program you use, it tries to accomplish these tasks.


Your level of discipline is definitely something you’ll have to consider if you want to lose weight fast.  If you aren’t committed and don’t follow the rules or guidelines closely, fast weight loss will always elude you.

Lean meats, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will have to make regular appearances on your plate.  You’ll also have to severely restrict your intake of processed and refined foods and liquid calories like soft drinks.  Keeping at your exercise routine with regularity is also a must.


Determining how sustainable your weight loss program will be is another important thing to consider.  It’s great if you lose weight fast and reach your goal, but if the program or product you used makes it impossible to maintain, you’ll just gain it back.  Sustainability may tie into the ‘fad and gimmick’ part of your weight loss method.

That’s why using real foods and real exercise often wins out in the end.  They are always available and aren’t overly difficult or taxing to keep up over the long-term.