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Weight Loss

Weight Loss Promises a Good way to Get Rid of Worms in the body



Everyone knows that losing weight means looking good, but do you know that it can also help you to get rid of those parasites living within your body.  Researchers from The University of Manchester, recently discovered that weight loss helps to dispose of the parasites living in the body.

The treatment was known as tribendimidine and was proven safe and can get rid of the worm living inside the body.   Researchers claimed that weight loss is the result of the immune system doing its job.  The immune system produces a natural defense system that disposes of the parasite.

All over the world, more than 25% of people get infected by parasites.  Getting infected by worms means that you would lose weight since the parasites eat the nutrients that you get from food.

In the study, researchers used mice as test subjects, wherein they infected the mice with roundworms.  After two, weeks, they noticed that the mice began losing weight.   They find out that the immune system produces a hormone known as cholecystokinin that limits the feeding capability of the mouse.

To find out if they were right about their findings, scientists restored the leptin (a hormone that affects the immune system’s reaction) so that they can know if that the reduction in the number of leptin was beneficial.

Findings had proven that the mice that were treated earlier didn’t produce enough hormones to fight the parasites.  The worm was thrown out eventually, but not as fast as the other mice that were not treated with the treatment.

Dr. John Worthington, who is part of the research, said that the finding was new since people always believe that weight loss is connected with the negative reaction from the immune system, but the results, show that weight loss helps mice to dispose of worms and cure an infection.