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Top Five Career Perks For Nurses



5 considerations to make before choosing a healthcare career

In a strained economy, the healthcare field is booming, pointing many students in that direction. Nursing is especially popular. As a position in demand throughout the nation in various settings, it is a viable career path. The savvy student is going to choose an area of study that is likely to guarantee a job. Nursing is an excellent option. As an added incentive for anyone considering the field, here are the top five career perks for nurses.

1. Job Security is a Major Plus

Things are shaky out there in the job market. People are having a tough time finding a job and holding on to it. In addition, employers are becoming extremely selective, hiring the cream of the crop. When it comes to the field of nursing, there will always be a need for these vital caretakers and assistants to doctors.

There are so many places that require nurses as well, from hospitals to clinics, to private practices. A graduate from a nursing program is likely to be able to write his or her ticket to a regional location with the prospect of staying in that position for years down the line.

2. Nurses Can Choose Their Specialty Area

Nurses have many options when it comes to choosing a particular specialty. This opens the door to opportunity, allowing individuals to follow their hearts into a particular part of the field that really holds their interest.

Specialty areas include cardiac care, burn care, ambulatory care, community health, neonatal, geriatrics, hospice, pediatrics, cancer care, and many others. Nurses have the option of becoming certified in their particular area of specialty, enabling them to have leadership positions, advance their careers, and obtain better salaries.

3. Nurses Have the Opportunity To Travel

Travel agencies actually hire nurses and place them in areas around the country and throughout the world. For the young, unattached individual, this is the perfect way to experience many different locations. Nurses can choose to move from assignment to assignment for variety or choose to stay at the placement of choice.

4. Nurses Devote Their Lives to Helping Others

Joining the profession of nursing means dedicating one’s life to assist those in need. For the person who is drawn to being a care provider, this is an extremely fulfilling career choice. To ease someone’s pain, to help someone make it through a terrible illness, to give hope in dark times are noble goals that give great satisfaction. Many people may wonder if their job matters. A nurse will never have to ask that question.

5. Nursing Offers Excellent Benefits and a Competitive Salary

Education and training will definitely pay off in the nursing field. Nurses earn a competitive salary with opportunities for overtime pay. They are generally paid more for additional degrees and experience. Many employers offer lucrative sign-on bonuses to draw nurses in the door.

They can also receive benefits, such as dental, medical, and life insurance. Nurses certified in specialty areas will find more opportunities for financial gain, as will registered nurses. There have been many improvements over the years in the pay scale as nurses are finally being recognized for their importance. They are receiving fair compensation for the vital services that they perform on a daily basis.