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Uncover Three of the Hottest Nursing Specialties for 2013



The field of nursing provides multiple opportunities for career advancement by pursuing specialty areas of nursing. Across the country, specialty areas of nursing exist for ambitious nurses who want to increase their opportunities and expand their professional horizons within the medical field. Embracing nursing specialties can better equip nurses for their futures and provide them with a well-rounded resume that will help them to advance up the nursing career ladder.

Emergency Room Nursing Positions

Although emergency room nursing is not a new position, it is one that is definitely in demand year in and year out. Each year, traumas, accidents, and major illnesses bring people of all ages to emergency rooms and urgent care centers across the country. Emergency rooms are an excellent place for new nurses to get in-depth experience working with wound care, stabilizing patients, and working in a fast-paced and stressful environment.

Many nurses are able to gain valuable experience that equips them to handle high-stress nursing jobs in other areas of specialty. If you are in the nursing industry and are ready to become challenged and prepared for high-stress situations, signing up for emergency room nursing jobs will give you the edge and ability to think on your feet in tumultuous situations. This is a professional experience that can prepare you to excel in a wide variety of nursing jobs for the future.

Home Health Care Nursing Occupations

Home health care is expanding more and more each year. Due to the fact that the baby boomers are reaching their golden years, an explosive amount of elderly people are in need of in-home health care services. This is an ideal nursing field for RNs and LPNs who want the freedom to choose a flexible schedule.

Another reason home health care nursing is becoming popular is due to the fact that nurses are able to get out of institutional settings. Many times, nurses can grow weary of working in the same clinic or the same hospital day in and day out. Working in home health fields provides nurses with an opportunity to take care of patients in the patients’ homes. This is often a welcome reprieve from a demanding twelve-hour hospital shift or clinical schedule.

Traveling Nursing Occupations Expand in 2013

According to recent studies, traveling nursing positions are expanding and becoming more available to a larger number of nurses. Schools, institutions, and corporations are constantly searching for nurses who are willing to travel to their locations once or twice a week. Under the umbrella of traveling nursing positions, there are multiple sub-categories for occupations.

LPNs, RNs, and Nurse Practitioners will be able to explore numerous traveling nursing jobs in the year 2013. Traveling nursing positions are often defined as career-broadening positions that open up professional doors for nurses. Growth in the traveling nursing industry is expected to continue to rise throughout the year of 2013 and beyond. Recent studies show that nursing jobs, on the whole, will increase by nearly twenty-five percent in the upcoming years. A part of these nursing jobs includes traveling nursing positions.

Traveling nursing occupations are ideal for individuals who want the freedom of choosing their own schedules and traveling from one company or institution to another. This creates a more dynamic and exciting work environment and also prepares nurses to handle a wide range of nursing situations.