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Career Choices in the Nursing Field



If you are seeking a nursing career, you can pursue various career paths. Trained and registered nurses can choose to work in different specialty areas, including critical care, emergency, or medical surgery. You can also choose to work in preoperative, obstetric work settings, or you can become a transport nurse. Typically, three training paths leading to a career in nursing exist. One can take a bachelor’s degree, a diploma, or an associate degree from an institution providing nursing education. However, a nurse can gain advanced specialization by attending courses such as nurse anesthetists, nurse practitioners, nurse specialists, or nurse-midwives from respiratory therapy schools in Texas.

Because of different career preferences, you can decide to work in hospitals, healthcare facilities, and home health care or palliative venues. When choosing a nursing career, it is essential to research the best options that suit your future career preferences. If you thought that the nursing career has limited options, it is time that you changed your mind since numerous careers are available. Let us look at some of the careers that you can choose as a registered nurse.

Nurses can choose to work as adult nurses in hospitals, home care, hospices, or community settings. However, adult nurses work primarily in hospitals, surgery rooms, intensive care units, and accident emergency wards.

To a lesser extent, adult nurses work in community settings and home care. They also provide necessary healthcare services to patients that need immediate help after surgery. In all these situations, adult nurses work in a multidisciplinary team. However, the focus of these nurses is in direct contact with patients in need of healthcare. All nurses focus on the medical needs of their patients and help them to manage emotions and anxieties because of their health conditions.

Children nurses provide care for sick children and offer support to parents. These children range from the ages of newborn to those nearing teenage age. This is also considered a delicate setting because of the nature of children’s emotional development. These nurses must have additional training from respiratory therapy schools in California to help them deal with the emerging trends in children’s care. Just in the same way anxiety management among adults is crucial, children need to be cared for to help them overcome their emotional challenges.

If you have an interest in children, you are obviously the right candidate for a children nursing career. You need to be good at handling parent-children relationships since parents are supposed to take care of their children. In this career option, all nurses need to be open-minded with the right attitude.

Regardless of the choice of a nursing career, all nurses are required to have good attitudes and people skills coupled with the passion for helping others. This is crucial to developing confidence among patients. Practically, all fields are demanding, and nurses should be selfless and sensitive, especially when handling patient issues. They are demanded to have impeccable moral and ethical values. Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are nurtured by nursing education programs.