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Respironics Portable Concentrators Can Make Life Easier For The Individual Needing Breathing Assistance



Instead of being confined to a home version, portable oxygen concentrators offer many benefits.

They offer convenience

Respironics portable oxygen concentrators offer users a way to go through daily activities without any undue inconvenience. Portable concentrators offer a versatile way to get needed oxygen during ambulatory and stationary times. Users can receive a continuous airflow throughout the day and not have to worry about oxygen intake. This provides peace of mind that allows users to focus on enjoying the pleasures of life.

With a battery that lasts for longer than three hours, users can be assured of getting reliable and continuous oxygen for short periods without any disruptions. Some models can be plugged into wall outlets or a DC converter. The DC converter allows for recharging the battery while driving or riding in a car.

Another convenience factor involved with using Respironics portable oxygen concentrators is the fact they are easy to transport. The machine comes on a wheeled cart that makes it easy to pull. With its easy-to-grip handles, the cart can easily be used by individuals with any type of hand maneuverability and strength. This helpful handle also contains a telescoping device that fits in perfectly for individuals with an active lifestyle. Since portable concentrators average 10 pounds and are lighter in weight than previous models, users do not need to concern themselves with being strong enough to cart around a heavier model.

They make traveling easy and convenient.

Most portable oxygen concentrators are approved for travel on a number of modalities. Units have been approved by the FAA, or Federal Aviation Authority, for use on most commercial airliners. Public transportation companies that offer train, bus, cruise ships, and other forms of travel have also approved the use of a lightweight oxygen concentrator on their vehicles. To be certain any portable oxygen concentrator is allowed on a transportation vehicle, it is advised that the user contact the proper authority prior to buying a ticket. Reputable companies will make concessions to help the oxygen user.

There is something for all budgets.

Respironics portable oxygen concentrators have something for all budgets. Users can purchase a unit outright, or may be able to rent any of the many oxygen concentrators available. Purchase prices range according to make, brand, and power. Some suppliers do not allow companies to place pricing on websites, so it is imperative that potential buyers contact companies directly to discuss pricing and financing. Individuals need to decide what works best for their budget. Contacting a professional in the portable oxygen concentrator field will provide insight into what will work best for the individual.

Accessories are available.

In addition to buying or renting a portable oxygen concentrator, individuals can purchase any number of helpful accessories. Accessories include breathing devices like secure and comfortable cannula tubings, cleaning solutions and oxygen talons, and other items.
With so many options available to satisfy a user’s portable oxygen concentrator needs, it is imperative that one contact a professional and reputable firm for the best results.