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Top Three Things Guys Want to Complain About



Men and women are different in so many ways. Women love to argue and discuss so many things. They never seem to find the right time to slow down and let their partners speak. Women always have sufficient time to lay down their pros and cons on a particular issue.

On the other hand, men are always known for their composure when it comes to heated conversations. Without any intentions here to boost chauvinism and male ego, men seem to be always waiting for the right time to speak. It is not common among men to engage in long hours of debates.

Sex probably is one of the most awkward moments in a relationship especially if the couples are just beginners. Men are innately more experienced or at least knowledgeable in sex compared to women because they have all their share of testosterone-loaded fantasies.

There are times when women make mistakes in bed but men are too embarrassed to say where the loopholes have started. Strictly speaking, it does not have to be that someone should always tell somebody that something is wrong or missing. Humans are gifted with instincts which will tell them if they are traversing the right path.

You Have All the Time

Men want to take things real slow. As much as possible, they want to make every second count when they are on the bed, about to have sex with their partner. Rushing and going straight to intercourse without the foreplay is one of the manifestations that women make mistakes in bed.

If sex is not sacred, then savor it at least. What is the point of teasing your partner that you are about to give yourself to him when you will just nag about things like the possibilities of being caught in the act or that you are shy? Girls should not be hypocrites at this point in their lives because admit it or not, they also enjoy sex much as guys do.

Take it Off

Some damsels insist to keep their clothes on during sex. What is there to hide? They might say that they are shy but the fact that they are already there ready to have your bones jumped on does not qualify them to any form of embarrassment. Just go with the flow.

Boys sometimes love to perform oral sex. For hygiene purposes also, shaving the pubic hair off is a good idea. Any amount of coverage during sex, including the sheerest and sexiest lingerie on earth, gives total frustration for guys.


Guys hate it when women make mistakes in bed in the form of domination-submission thing. Studs do not like broads who pretend to know everything in sex. Men like to submit themselves to women sometimes but always remember that the game of love is all about to give and take.

Additionally, some things that work for ladies may not work for the gents. For instance, hair-pulling (let along plucking random hair strands) and nipple nibbling are disgusting stimulations among men because it gives them nothing.

The Final Say

It is not a bad idea to ask your partner if you are doing something wrong that he does not like. Sometimes, it is wiser to use god’s gift of intuition for you to assert the needs of your lover. Be critical in many things and always keep a keen eye on some possible knots on the fine fabrics of your relationship.