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The Time They Are a Changin’ For The Smokers



Electronic cigarettes have come a long way in a relatively short period of time. When they first burst on the scene they were viewed as gimmicky and unlikely to catch on. This belief that electronic cigarettes were not going to make it into the mainstream has been shattered in the last couple of years. Looking around you at smokers you are very likely to see at least one puffing on an electronic cigarette. What has caused this change in fortunes? Surely the novelty factor isn’t that great a lure. In this writer’s opinion, there is a handful of contributing factors that have elevated the electronic cigarette to a viable smoking option.

Smoking Bans

The world over major cities and entire nations have started to come down hard on smokers. What started in earnest in New York as a total smoking ban for indoor public spaces has now spread to many major cities the world over. The rational, proponents say, is that smoking is optional, breathing is not.

Therefore smoking bans need to be in place to protect the general public from the dangers of secondhand smoke. The United Kingdom enacted nationwide smoking bad for any publicly accessible space in 2007. New York has gone beyond its original 2003 ban to include public parks, principally concerning Central Park. Some small nations have even banned the sale of tobacco entirely. With so many governments the world over making it so hard for smokers to smoke, is it any wonder that a device that gets around these draconian laws would be so popular?

Health Benefits

We all know how bad smoking is for your health. It gets drummed into you constantly from your childhood through adulthood via constant TV, print, and internet adverts sponsored by the government and anti-smoking charities. The facts are there, smoking causes lung cancer, emphysema, and a whole host of other undesirable diseases. We can no longer claim ignorance of the negative health effects of a tobacco habit. Enter the electronic cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes do not actually burn anything- there is no smoke. Rather it is a small electric vapouriser that vapourises a liquid solution that is then inhaled by the ‘smoker’. Although many medical institutions are hesitant to endorse electronic cigarettes in any way or say that they are ‘safer’ than normal cigarettes, there has got to be a benefit to not smoking actual smoke. This is something that e-cig makers use as part of their marketing and there is definitely some truth in it. In fact, e-cigs were first marketed solely as a quitting smoking aid.