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The Benefits and Advantages of Wearing Orthotics



Orthotics is a field of medicine in which orthopedic devices are designed and built to serve or correct mechanical parts of the body that have been lost or do not work properly. Using orthoses, or the devices made in this field, adds support, functionality, and sometimes corrects alignment and discomfort.

These orthoses help guide and control movement on certain limbs or joints on the body, as well as serve as a rehabilitation tool for injured body parts. Another example of how these orthoses are used is to align a joint or spinal issue. Some orthoses can be customized, including foot orthotics, which help in several different ways.

The basics

Foot orthoses can be used to help provide comfort and support while walking or running, improve functionality in the foot and help correct any alignment issues in the feet that could be affecting how much a person stands or walks each day.

Not everyone with the need for these devices has the same foot shape or issue that needs to be resolved, calling for the need for some custom-molded devices. The arches in our feet differ, and sometimes the arches can be what is causing the problem.

Relieving pain and stress

The advantages of orthoses in the foot don’t just stop with the feet. These inserts placed in our shoes can affect the way our entire body functions mechanically. These orthoses will help relieve stress and increase the amount of motion control while performing physical activities, increasing your level of performance, and even helping align the rest of your body with your improved posture.

Orthoses can help relieve pain in the back, legs, neck, hips, shoulders caused by a crooked alignment. Plantar fasciitis, also known as foot arch pain, can affect the rest of the body with stress and muscle fatigue. Orthoses can also help prevent the cause of stress or hairline fractures in the feet or other parts of the body.

Improving functionality

Orthoses help improve the functionality throughout the rest of the body with help from the feet as well. They help align your posture, which positively changes the way all of your joints and muscles function. When your stance is corrected, these parts of the body are relieved from their pain and the limitations caused by pain.

Your range of motion can improve, and it’ll be easier to prevent muscle strains and improper stretching. As you start to regularly use your orthoses, you’ll see that your posture is gradually aligning and correcting and the mechanical functions of your body are now performed at ease.

Whether it’s a custom-made device or one made for general parts of your feet, the use of orthoses can greatly relieve pain and make everyday activities easier to perform.

While you might start to feel better right away, you’ll see with regular use that your orthoses are improving your body’s mechanical functions each day and relieving stress and pressure from parts of the body that may not have been allowed to perform their respective functions properly.