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Amazing Facts About the Human Heart



Whenever you put your hand on your chest, you can feel the heartbeat. But did you ever bother to think about what the mechanism is behind this continuous heartbeat? Do you know that the normal human heart beats around 100,000 times in 24 hours, and send approximately 2,000 gallons of blood to the different parts of the body? The blood vessels in our body are 60,000 miles long, and the main function of the human heart is to keep the blood flowing throughout the body. Any kind of damage to the heart or any valve of the heart can affect the whole body. These amazing facts about the heart are enough for you to understand the importance of your heart. So you must learn how to take care of this important organ of your body.

The Differences Between the Male and Female Heart
When it comes to the heart, the male and female hearts are different in their capabilities as both hearts are just not the same. The weight of the male heart is just a little more than 10 ounces, whereas the weight of a normal, female heart is around 8 ounces. It is not just about the weight of the heart but the symptoms of a heart attack in males and females that are also different. When a male has a heart attack, he feels severe chest pain. Whereas in females, the signs of a heart attack are different as they may feel nausea, shoulder pain, and indigestion. However, the precautions to avoid heart problems are similar for both men and women. Both have to avoid smoking and an unhealthy diet in order to keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels under control. Do not take the heart issues lightly as the heart plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.

The Importance of Laughter Therapy
One of the most effective heart medicine is laughter. Most experts believe that we all can avoid heart issues by keeping ourselves happy. When you have a good laugh, you can increase the blood flow by up to 20 percent without putting much pressure on the heart. The research also reveals that the people who like to watch comedy movies have fewer chances of having heart problems as they can easily avoid stress by laughing while watching the comedy movie. When a person laughs, the walls of his blood vessels become relaxed and expanded which allows blood to flow freely into the vessels.

Causes of a Heart Attack
One of the most amazing facts about the heart is, most of the people become the victim of a heart attack on Monday morning which shows that the main cause of the heart attack is work stress.  Heart attacks and stress are directly related. Therefore, most of the treatments of heart problems are designed to reduce stress and anxiety in order to control blood pressure.  These are some amazing facts about the human heart which we all need to know in order to avoid heart health issues as much as possible. A healthy heart is always a sign of a healthy body.