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Accountable Health Care Organizations: A Medical Initiative With An Edge



There has been a huge rise in the cost of medical services in recent years were providing the basic medical treatment is fast going beyond the reach of the ordinary mass. From chronic to fatal diseases medical expenses seem to the heaviest monetary baggage to carry for a family.

Hence to work on this affordability factor which covers in its purview the best medical services is the prime intention of the health car bodies of the government. This planning was initiated way back in 2007 at the first national medical home summit.  The intention of this summit was to make patient-centered medical homes for children, adults, and youth for providing them with primary care facilities.

Such a proposal needed time to set up and by 2010 the set was completed though some administrative work was still to be done. Among health care reforms in 2010 as decided in the national medical home summit, the latest addition to the concept was the accountable health care organizations or the ACOs.

A New Initiative: Accountable Health Care Organizations

Accountable Health Care Organizations (ACOs) have come into vogue very recently in January 2012 exactly a year back. The reason why it has come up in news and has been much talked about recently is because of the fact that many people are not aware of the plan yet.

But it has been included in the new health law of the United States and covers seven pages of description and details about this initiative. It is a model where financial incentives would be provided to doctors and hospitals for delivering quality medical treatment and care to Medicare beneficiaries and that too in a cost-effective manner.

There are around 5000 Medicare beneficiaries which will be managed by the ACOs according to the new law. In simple terms, it is a big web of doctors and hospitals that will share responsibilities in delivering care and treatment to patients. Just like a company gives contracts to other manufacturers to bring put their products, ACOS works in the same manner.

Different components of health care like specialists, primary health care, home health care, and hospitals everything comes under one roof and decides to take responsibilities in a collective manner. Specialized treatment of different illnesses costs more so under this plan every health care detail is checked and treated in a cost-effective manner to deliver problem-free health to many.

The initial response of this plan was very delightful as there are many organizations across the country that wants to rush and get into this program.