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How to Take Charge of Your Holiday Water



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Before you take your next holiday, consider the location and country where you’ll be visiting to see if you need to think further about the quality of the drinking water where you’ll be.

For years, travel companies have issued warnings in their brochures about being careful of drinking tap water abroad. These warnings are less known now because people are more used to buying their holiday online, purchasing their flight separately, and booking a hotel directly with the hotel company. Very few people will then turn to the Foreign Office’s website advice page about the country of your choice to see if there is any mention about the quality of the water there but perhaps they should.

Foreign tap water isn’t necessarily dirty

You may get a stomach upset on holiday because the water affects your digestive system. This isn’t because the water is dirty; it’s more likely that the minerals in the water are slightly different from your tap water at home and what you are used to. It’s this change that you’re not used to that upsets your stomach.

Some countries and specific locations won’t have access to clean water, but this should be obvious to you if you’re trekking across a desert or visiting an area where people are so poor they don’t have access to enough water for themselves.

It doesn’t just tap water that is a potential threat to your stomach; anything that’s involved with local water that might affect you. If you can’t wait for a cold drink, is the ice from a specialist ice-making company or is it just local water, frozen?

Where you are purchasing salad items locally, have they been washed in local tap water or in water that isn’t going to upset your stomach?

Using bottled water

Buying bottled water can often be the right decision to make when you’re unsure of the quality or mineral content of the local tap water.

Where you are going to stay in a self-catering apartment, you can use bottled water to make your ice cubes for the freezer and for washing your salad items for a lovely cool lunch on your balcony. An afternoon relaxing in the shade is much better than spending time getting friendly with your holiday bathroom.

You will be able to buy large bottles of water in most supermarkets in the larger resorts because those areas are used to travelers having problems with local water.

If you’re moving around in warmer temperatures than you are usually used to, it is essential that you remain hydrated at all times. If your tongue is feeling dry, you are already too dehydrated. This means that you should take stock of bottled water when you go out for a drive in your holiday location when you go for a long walk or intend to spend the day on a beach.

One real advantage of taking bottled water with you is that you might cut down on sweet soda drinks which make you thirstier in warmer locations. Consistent amounts of adequate water will help keep you hydrated, and will also be healthier. Who knows – weight loss from cutting down on soda drinks might balance the usual holiday gain.