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Bottled Office Water: Don’t Get Sucked In



If you work in an office or warehouse, go to a school or university, work in hospitality, visit a doctor’s office or health clinic—pretty much if you venture out in public now and then you are familiar with the image of a 5-gallon water jug or water cooler or have probably considered one for your workplace at one time or another.

If you are shopping around for a bottle-less water cooler or just wondering if filtered would be a right switch, there are a couple of things you should know. First off, almost forty percent of all bottled water is just tap that is bottled and sold with a pretty label and an inspiring name. And the water isn’t even fresh; it is put into those big blue jugs and then sits around collecting dust and growing bacteria until it is shipped out and popped into a cooler.

Secondly, in blind taste tests, consumers have been known to choose tap water over commercially bottled stuff. But most importantly is the fact that the known carcinogen Bisphenol-A (BPA) is used in the creation of nearly all plastic bottles and most food containers, and it seeps into whatever liquid it holds.

The use of BPA was recently banned in the United States in the making of baby bottles and sip cups. Canada was the first country to declare it a toxic substance, and BPA is banned at different levels in America, Canada, and the European Union.

This is why most refillable water bottles you see these days are labeled ‘BPA-free’ and are made from aluminum or stainless steel because stainless steel and aluminum do not leach into what they carry. You may ask yourself what the possible alternative could be well. I will tell you.

Get a POU water cooler. A point-of-use water cooler takes BPA and big plastic jugs out of the equation entirely. You’ll enjoy a healthier, cleaner, tastier water that comes at a fraction of the cost of a bottled water delivery service. And the endless supply of water means that nobody will ever have to argue over changing the jug or go thirsty again.

Don’t ever settle for substandard drinking water that’s old and has flaky white substance floating in it. Don’t ever drink from a dusty blue plastic jug again. Next time you are considering switching your office water delivery service, think filtered first.