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Can the Quality of Your Water Really Benefit Your Appearance?



Did you know water quality could potentially have a positive impact on your skin? It does, and it applies in a few different ways.
First, you need to keep your body hydrated. Similar to an aging leather couch in a high traffic living room, your skin gradually starts to dry up as you age, so keeping yourself hydrated and drinking a sufficient amount of water helps keep your skin healthy, which allows you to appear younger. Quality water also helps reduce the effects of external and internal threats such as sunlight and smoking on your skin.

Also, the deposits in hard water can significantly affect your collagen and cause wrinkles. Customers have always mentioned how they love the way their skin feels with soft water. That’s because their water softener is removing hard water deposits like magnesium, iron, and lead from the water. Those deposits can bother your skin by making it dry. Calcium and chlorine in untreated water can also dry out the skin.

The quality of water and how it impacts your skin is essential and essential for several reasons. Hard, unfiltered municipal and well water may dry skin out overtime.