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The Role of Water in Skin Care



Body contouring and skin tightening

There are plenty of beauty products on the market, touting their amazing benefits for tightening, toning, softening, and minimizing the lines in your skin. Some of them work, some of them don’t. But surprisingly enough, one of the best products you can use for better-looking skin is one that is (mostly) free: water.

Not only is water good to drink, it provides a host of benefits for bodily functions, brain function, energy, digestion, circulation, and overall health. After all, water is the one substance without which you could not survive for more than a few days. It just stands to reason, then, that water is also good for your skin, which is comprised primarily of water.

Skin Needs Water – But It’s Not a Plant

Although water is a vital ingredient for promoting the health of our skin, it doesn’t have the same effect you might witness when giving a drink to a thirsty plant. In other words, it doesn’t instantly perk up and plump up your skin. Water must first get absorbed into the bloodstream and pass through the kidneys before it is allowed to hydrate skin cells.

That doesn’t mean water doesn’t immediately help skin. The moisture level of your skin is what makes it appear dry, scaly, or wrinkled. The outer layer helps it retain the moisture you drink in the form of water, while also keeping toxins and other irritants at bay. The skin’s ability to maintain moisture levels is mostly a product of your diet – and how much water you drink. Your skin gets wrinkled or “pruny” on the outside because of its reaction to elements in water that wash away its sebum, but it gets smoother when you drink enough water to keep it lubricated from the inside.

Water For Beautiful Skin

If you’ve ever looked carefully at the skin of a smoker, you’ll notice that it’s often visibly dry and wrinkled. This is mainly due to the fact that tobacco robs the body of moisture. Even if people who smoke drink lots of water, they are fighting a losing battle because each cigarette depletes moisture levels faster than they can be recovered. The same holds for those who drink a lot of alcohol and have other bad habits that rob moisture.

Water makes skin look better by stimulating the circulation of your body’s fluids. Water also helps the skin get rid of dangerous toxins by providing the moisture necessary to produce sweat.

For the best-looking skin with the appearance of refined pores, use warm (room temperature) water to cleanse and hydrate it on the outside. Drink lots of cold water to help your body’s circulation and replace the moisture lost through any number of everyday activities and keep your skin hydrated from the inside. Together, this allows water to provide a one-two punch for health and beauty!

While you may not want to clear your vanity shelves of beauty creams and tonics, you may want to drink more water to keep your body naturally hydrated and use a good splash of it to keep your skin moisturized usually.