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Gym Membership or Multi Gym?



Few people are lucky enough to have a property that will accommodate a fully equipped gym and so a multi-gym offering a range of exercise routines could be the solution. One way or another, you are going to spend a considerable amount of your valuable cash and so what is the best way forward, a membership, or your own equipment?


Although a multi gym is a single piece of kit it will still take up a fair amount of space and require approximately 7ft of vertical clearance. Before investing in one, ensure that you have room for it!

Most people use a spare bedroom or the garage but you might also consider the conservatory or summerhouse if you are lucky enough to have them.

Multi gyms vary considerably in size with larger models offering more exercise options but you need to choose one that fits! Make sure the multi gym will not cause too much of an obstruction to your daily life when considering where to put it!

The Family

If you share your home with others they may not appreciate the arrival of a large piece of equipment! On the other hand, they may want to use it too and so consider a model which two people can use at the same time.

There is no point opting for the convenience of having your equipment at home only to find you never get near it!

Convenience and Motivation

Obviously exercising at home is more convenient. You won’t have to travel and you can fit in a period of exercise in a time frame that would not be possible if you have to leave the house.

You will also avoid the issue of having to wait to use your chosen equipment at a busy gym. You must, however, consider what motivates you to exercise effectively. Will the convenience drive you to exercise more or will you get distracted? Does the presence of people around you in a gym drive you to work harder or demoralize you?

Private or Public

If you are not in great shape and are just starting out with your regime you may not relish visiting a gym full of very fit and toned people. On the other hand, if this does not bother you or you are already in good shape you may enjoy the social aspect of the gym.

Many a good friend has been made at the fitness center and it is a good way of regularly meeting up with your pals and doing something together.


Buying a multi gym is a significant up-front investment but over the long term may save you money when compared to the on-going cost of a membership. Neither option is cost-effective if you don’t regularly use it but at least you can cancel a gym membership!

Buying redundant equipment will not save you money! Multi gyms vary dramatically in cost and so if you decide to invest in one select a price point and functionality which is proportionate to your likely usage.

You could spend under £500 on a Marcy MP2500 or over £7000 on a Matrix G3-M540! If comparing the cost of home equipment to visiting the gym, factor in the cost of travel and parking as this can really mount up.


Have a careful think about the range of exercises you wish to engage in. No one piece of equipment will cover all of the options available at a decent gym and the more sophisticated the multi gym the more it will cost you. Fitness centers also have expert advice on hand and other facilities like pools and saunas. If you are really serious about your regime you may need to visit a gym to cover all of your weight training and cardio requirements.

This does not mean that the additional investment for equipment in the home will not prove useful for those times when you just can’t get there. If your exercise plan is comparatively light and uncomplicated a multi gym might be just the thing!


Assess what you actually need from your training regime and what will actually motivate you to do it! Factor in your budget and you should find the right way forward for you. It could be that a gym membership offers the most flexibility or that you need the convenience of the multi gym. It is possible that you need both but spends wisely!