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Five Vacation Spots for Fitness Travelers



Exercise and vacations are two words usually found on opposite ends of the spectrum.  There are, however, those that enjoy a good amount of physical activities with their travels.  To compile a list of vacation spots for the fitness travelers, we looked at activities that have a physical activity aspect as well as an exploration aspect.  So, swimming in a pool and hot yoga in a closed-up room would not make this list.


One of the most beautiful natural wonders happens to offer the most diverse selection of hiking choices.  The Grand Canyon’s versatile terrain provides backcountry hiking suitable to day or night, summer or winter, and novice or advance.  It will take weeks to explore all the nooks and crannies of the Grand Canyon, requiring lots of hoofing it on two feet.


The top choice for kayaking has to be the Florida Everglades, with waterways up to 100 miles long; kayakers have a choice of freshwater marshes, mangrove forests, and open waters.  Besides offering a vast system of waterways, the Everglades should top the list for Kayakers because it is one of the most endangered natural lands.  Explore it while it still exists.


Bicycles are synonymous with Tour De France, so naturally, those into cycling should explore France by bike.  Many tour companies have created itineraries around the racecourse. For those who prefer creating their own adventures, there are many designated bike trails throughout the countryside of France.


To explore a vacation area through skiing or snowboarding, one would need more than a couple of runs.  With more than 200 runs from novice to expert, Whistler Blackcomb is one of the biggest resorts of its kind.  To make exploration even easier, the resort has built a Peak 2 Peak Gondola.

Rock Climbing:

Perhaps the most challenging activities from this list to take on as novice, rock climbing doesn’t receive as much attention from the travel industry.  To pick the top spot for this category, accessibility is the top factor, so the location to start is Yosemite.  With different paths for different experience levels, explore this park in the areas where most never get to experience.  For something more off-the-beaten-path, fitness travelers should check out Mount Roraima in South America.

Remember, while there are many vacation spots that offer swimming pools and indoor gyms, to make exercise fun on vacations, incorporate it into the travel experiences.