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How To Have Fun With Your Exercising



It is not exactly news these days that there is a relationship between staying fit and being healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that children get at least one hour of physical activity a day like jumping rope. For adults, that number drops 150 minutes a week. Remaining physical controls your weight, and reduces the risk of developing a chronic illness such as diabetes. With obesity on the rise, now is the time to look for ways to get moving and have some fun while you are doing it.

Let Technology Inspire You

Who doesn’t love a video game? Technology has taken exercise to a new level with game consoles like Wii and Xbox 360. Exergaming is becoming trendier each year. These systems do more than take you through the steps of a fitness program, however.

They monitor your body movement to ensure you are giving it everything you have. Accessory devices like exercise mats or balance beams measure your body weight. The games then set goals and activity levels based on that number all while providing some motivational fun. For example, you might step on the pad for a Wii game and get a gasp from your carton fitness coach because you need to lose weight.

Take a Tour

Many cities looking to promote fitness for their residents are building some bike and jogging routes that give you a chance to appreciate your surroundings while you work out.

For example, Lincoln, Nebraska offers over 82 commuter routes in their Great Trails Network to inspire its residents to see the sights while they get some exercise. With 128 miles of trails, Nebraskans can ride, jog and walk through parks, past zoos, and over roadways all while touring some picturesque surroundings.

Make It a Family Affair

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions. Parents can combat this alarming trend by creating fun, family-oriented exercise platforms.

  • Build an obstacle course in the yard
  • Make visiting the local rock-climbing arena a weekly habit
  • Get active by playing on a paintball league
  • Let your kids teach you the fine art of skateboarding
  • Make vacations an adventure by going skiing, canoeing, or on a canopy tour
  • Start jumping rope every morning before school

Teaching kids at a young age that exercise is fun will start them on a healthy path and give them a love for fitness.

The CDC reports that 35.7 percent of adults in the United States are obese. These statistics correlate to the increase in insurance costs, a rise in chronic illness, and lower life expectancies. The days of exercise being a chore are gone. Find a handful of activities you enjoy and get moving to stay fit and healthy.