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A London Personal Trainer Will Inspire You To Lose Weight And Get Fit



Think How A Personal Trainer Could Transform Every Aspect Of Your Life Right Now!

‘What excuses can I find this week not to exercise? Recently I have found myself doing just that. I even went to check the opening times of the local swimming pool, but have yet to avail myself of the facilities. As the weather changes, I find myself lying on the sofa with a packet of biscuits and a DVD. There’s nothing wrong with relaxation and downtime but lazy habits have an alarming way of making themselves at home and then taking up permanent residence. Help! What can I do?’

May 2012

‘I have found my thoughts turning to the idea and of finding a personal trainer. What I really need is someone who likes a challenge, because right now the idea of doing anything more athletic than walking from the sitting room to the kitchen is beyond me.’

June 2012

‘So, I live in London and need a personal trainer; I’m overweight, lacking in puff and enthusiasm and the only thought that is going through my mind is whether personal training might just be a waste of money. What do I do, therefore? Do I give in to the desire for another slice of pizza or do I contact someone who can help me change my life?’

July 2012

‘Really, it’s a no-brainer. What is attractive about allowing one’s body to become covered in fat, slow, lethargic, and lacking in energy. Let’s face it there is nothing sexy about any of those attributes. I know that getting fit affects my mood, my attitude, and my ability to deal with stress and all the complex demands placed on people living in an urban existence.’

August 2012

These are a few extracts from the journal I keep every day and I read through it this morning for the first time for a while and was shocked to see my negative attitude. Soon after writing these entries I did have a look through the London personal trainers and thought, ‘what the hell, let’s go for it!’ I totted up how much I have been spending on junk food, going out drinking, hiring DVDs and generally feeding my gluttonous habits. I was shocked and realized this money could be put to much better use. Therefore I bit the bullet and turned up the following day in my local park to begin my new journey towards health and fitness.

I was amazed at how patient and knowledgeable my personal trainer was. She was always enthusiastic and interested in my progress. Finally, I had discovered someone who was working with me and wanted to see me succeed. In six weeks my progress was nothing short of astonishing and my desire to expend energy rather than conserve it has even been noted by my friends. Not only do I have personal training twice a week, I actually do go swimming and have signed up to a tap dance class which must rate as one of the funniest things I have ever done. At the end of each of my sessions in London, where my personal training takes place, I feel tired but satisfied that I am actually using my potential. It is incredible to see just how my mental and physical well-being has improved. Here’s an extract from this week’s Journal:

‘This morning and took me out for a 5KM run. It was a misty North London dawn and the pavements were covered in damp autumn leaves. I find it difficult to believe I can run this far and I now understand that I am probably capable of anything once I put my mind to it. Mind you, I also believe behind every successful athlete is a damn good personal trainer.’

October 2012

So, if you want to make a change and need to find a knowledgeable and supportive personal training organization in London then contact us and begin your own personal journey right now.