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Tips for Remaining Active Amidst the Hustle of Daily Life



These days, while food is easy to come by and exercise is not a requirement, it is difficult to find time or motivation to exercise. However, now, as the obesity rates climb and inactivity peaks, is the most important time for us to get off our couches and out of our cubicles and into the gym.

Health Benefits of Exercise

Almost everyone knows that exercise can help keep your weight under control. However, you might not have considered the psychological benefits of getting in shape. Not only will you have an easier time walking up flights of stairs and playing with your children, but you will feel better about the way you look and the way you act. You can also feel stronger and fulfilled about the way your body feels.

Think of all of those times that you get down on yourself for being inactive or for being just a little too overweight in that one place. All or most of that can go away if you commit yourself to a regular workout routine. It is best to get about 3-5 hours or most of the intense exercise each week.

Keeping your weight down will also help your heart stay healthier for longer. Getting your blood pumping helps to clear out the plaque and buildup from your veins and arteries. Frequently exercising will decrease the chances that you will have heart disease or other life-threatening diseases.

Exercise in a Busy Life

I know that you likely think that you have little time in your life for exercise, but I know that, with some dedication, you can implement a routine that would allow you to get the activity your body really needs. So, first, you need dedication and motivation.

Going to the gym is always easier if you have a friend to go with you. That way, it is not as easy to call off the early morning exercise plan. You have someone relying on you, and you should let them know that excuses should not be used.

Then, find a gym that works for both of you. If you live in Utah, I know of several gyms in Holiday and Salt Lake City that have excellent aerobic classes as well as well-made tracks and exercise equipment. With such a variety of things to do, you and your friend could easily find something that both of you like to do. Or, if you can’t agree, I suggest you compromise and switch off activities from week to week.

Again, I suppose we come back to the issue of time. Most people find time to go to the gym in the morning, just before they have to go to work. You could also arrange to go during your lunch break or after your dinner has settled. Finding time is only a matter of rearranging your priorities.

Being Healthy is Important

It is as difficult for me as for anyone else to make room for exercise in my schedule, but I do it because I value my health, and I suggest we all try to do the same.