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Heavenly Delicacies to Replace Sinful Holiday Foods



Have you ever noticed that your clothes are getting tighter during and after the holidays? The bad thing is, when you change your wardrobe to one or more size higher, it seldom goes back. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, most people gain weight during holiday seasons but unfortunately, most of them fail to burn it. Since the most festive holiday celebration is fast approaching once again – be ready with your healthier version of these holiday goodness. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Remove the sinful skin of the roasted turkey. Turkey skin is full of saturated fats like that of chicken. This fat is loaded with bad cholesterol which is damaging to the body. Each gram of turkey or chicken skin contains high calories compared to carbohydrates and protein. The turkey’s dark meat also contains higher fat than white meat. However, don’t punish yourself by abstaining from this tangy dish – instead, take only the turkey’s breast part or opt for skinless white meat to enjoy your meal without the guilt.
  2. Draw-off fatty stuffing. A holiday stuffing is usually filled with various high-fat meats. A portion of pork or chicken sausage contains about 500-600 calories. As an alternative, use low-sodium flavorings such as pork broth, chicken broth or low-fat chicken and oyster sauce. You can even make them healthier by substituting some stuffing components with wild rice or fruits.
  3. Prepare mash potatoes with low-fat milk. The typical buttered mash potato has 237 calories per cup. No one would notice that the classic style has been altered into equally delicious but healthy preparation. Eliminate the salt or butter from your mash potatoes. Use low-fat chicken stock and fat-free milk to season it out and refrain from using gravy.
  4. Create a healthy sweet dessert. The usual pecan pie contains butter, corn syrup, and sugar. Each slice is packed with more than 500 calories. Time to say goodbye to pecan pie for dessert and say hello to a bowl of assorted nuts to keep your sexy waistline. You can also use pumpkin if you prefer the pie crust alternative.
  5. Modify the creamy macaroni and cheese into nutritiously defined comfort food. In fact, the typical Mac and cheese contain 400 calories per serving. Also, the ham and the added sausages are even dangerous fat sources. For that reason, it would be beneficial to use low-fat milk and cheese. And then replace the meats with great tasting veggies.
  6. Stick with the pumpkin’s health benefits. Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A – that is good for the eyes. So never compromise this beneficial nutrient. Remember that when you add tons of tempting creams and sugar into your pumpkin cake, it will wipe out the natural essential nutrients from it. Create low-fat pumpkin custard or muffins for delightful and nutritious desserts. This way, there’s no worrying about weight plus factor.
  7. Tone down the sweet potato casserole. Root crops like sweet potatoes and yams are absolutely nutritious but when topped with heavy butter, cream, cheese, and bacon, they can be very naughty foods for this season. However, you can still enjoy yam and sweet potatoes when grilled – the calorie content is much lower and therefore more beneficial.
  8. Don’t get enticed with the overflowing supplies of chocolates and candies. They are more appropriate for children who can burn them easily just by being playful. You’ll be better off with fresh fruits or sugar-free gums or chews to overcome the craving.

One way of avoiding chocolates for married couples is to beat the freezing cold climate with the heat of intimacy. Don’t let worries, pain, and even diseases hamper your union with your spouse. Enjoying these healthy holiday treats and knowing that remedies like Tadalafil can be bought discretely with the help of your doctor – will make the holidays even more special!