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Comfort Food and Your Digestive Track



Do you crave weekend comfort foods?  Macaroni and cheese, bacon cheddar mashed potatoes, chocolate cream fudge cake, meatloaf, and quesadillas? Many people eat healthily during the week only to let themselves relax and indulge on the weekends. This habit can be bad for your health.

Most comfort food is packed with fat, salt, sugar, and even white flour, which can mess with your digestive tract and overall health.

If you feel sad, stressed, and heartbroken doesn’t go for comfort foods. Instead, reach for these alternatives. Your waistline and the digestive tract will thank you.

Stay Clear of Cheese

Cheese can make you feel bloated; even cramps and diarrhea can happen after people eat cheese.

Avoid too Much Meat

Eating too much meat can also leave your body in a funk and an overly acidic state. This can cause dizziness, heartburn, and even muscle fatigue as a consequence of overexertion.

Yes to more Beans and Greens

Beans and greens are great for you; they are high in folate, which has often been linked to reducing symptoms of depression. eating beans can help you feel more relaxed, it also relaxes blood vessels.

Yes to Smoothies

Add greens to your smoothie. Green apples are great for your teeth and can help you get more fiber into your diet.

Yes to More Fish

If you don’t eat fish, at least try to add more flax oil into your diet. Seeds are a great alternative. Add hemp seeds or even the chair seeds into your smoothie. You can also sprinkle these on salads or cooked grains such as oatmeal.

More Plant-Based Food

Eat more plant-based foods for added comfort. You will feel clean and healthy.

Brush Your Teeth

If you are eating healthy foods but are not taking care of your teeth then you are not really healthy. What you put in your mouth has a big impact on your overall health. Pick foods that are good for you and your digestion. Avoid comfort foods and brush your teeth daily.