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New Diet Books To Help You Beat The Holiday Weight Gain



Get a jump on your New Year’s resolution and lose those extra pounds gained by all that holiday eating. You don’t have to wait until the New Year to get started either. These new diet books will point you in the right direction, but they also provide some guidelines for working on the mental aspect of weight loss.

The Virgin Diet

Written by JJ Virgin, who has been featured on Freaky Eaters on TLC and Access Hollywood, the book encourages readers to identify foods that are affecting weight loss. The author says that food intolerance will sabotage a weight loss plan, so she points out 7 High FI Foods that readers should eliminate from their diet. Those foods will be replaced by substitutes during the 21-day assessment and can be reintroduced into the diet, depending on the results. The book has meal plans and a lot of recipes that make this an interesting and somewhat pain-free diet.

Side Effect: Skinny

In her latest book “Side Effect: Skinny”, Denise Austin, is an advocate of a healthy diet and exercise. That is no surprise coming from this workout guru, but she says that the goal is the live healthy, and weight loss will be a welcome side effect. In the book, she lists nutrient-dense foods that promote heart health, brain health, and beautiful skin and nails. She talks about interval training and provides tips for stretching and strengthening the body. She also provides lots of recipes, shopping lists and meal plans to help you get started.

The Hunger Fix

Don’t blame me for overeating; blame those pesky, ever-present hormones. That is the premise of the new book, The Hunger Fix by Pam Peeke, MD. According to the author, there are specific hormones that encourage food cravings even when we’re not physically hungry. The good news is that we can quiet the false hungry pangs using the three-part plan to rewire our thinking and break the habit. Tara Costa, a former contestant on the Biggest Loser endorses the book in the foreword.

Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale

Having lost 100 pounds some years ago, Jennifer Tuma-Young knows what she’s talking about in her new book Balance Your Life, Balance the Scale. Today she is a life coach who designs health and wellness programs for women, and in the books, she deals with the mental aspects of weight loss. She helps readers find their balance, lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and lose weight as a natural consequence.

The Carb Sensitivity Program

According to Natasha Turner, ND, all carbohydrates are not evil. She points out in the book that some carbs negatively affect weight loss. These are the carbs that should be removed from the diet and replaced with healthy ones. Dr. Turner is a naturopathic physician, and in the books, she takes readers down a six-week program to help them discover the carbs that have adverse and positive effects on their bodies. After completing the program, they are advised to adopt a new lifestyle that includes only the friendly carbs.