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5 Healthy Dessert Alternatives To Traditional Treats



A guilt-free dessert seems to be a thing of the past. Although plenty of products are available offering reduced fat and sugar content or promising to be a healthy alternative, more often than not, they fail to live up to the original. Often we’ll find ourselves either indulging in the original fudge cake or reaching (rather unenthusiastically) for a granny smith.

Lucky for us, foodie bloggers Chocolate-Covered Katie and Christal, aka Nutritionist in the Kitch, are on hand to offer healthy remakes of your favorite desserts that taste as good as the original, but won’t leave you with the bitter pill of a guilty conscience.

Saskatoon –Berry Crumble

A traditional fruit crumble screams home, tradition, and, most of all, a second helping. For a healthy take on the winter-warmer, try Nutritionist in the Kitch’s Saskatoon-berry crumble. Now, Christal is from Canada, where it’s much easier to get Saskatoon berries. If you’re a Brit follower, fear not! Replace the filling with gooseberries, apples, blackberries. The versatility of the filling also means you’ll never get bored of baking it. Hurrah! Now, where’s my spoon…

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse is a popular dessert with anyone, whether it’s because of the velvety tones, the sheer amount of chocolate involved, or the fact that we can make it look almost healthy by placing a strawberry on top. If you fancy trying out a healthy chocolate mousse for real, with no compromises on the chocolate, and no need to add some fruit to make yourself feel better, then Chocolate-Covered Katie’s Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mousse is where you want to be headed.

Key Lime Tarts

Maybe I’ve been reading a little too much Alice in Wonderland, but for me, a perfect dessert lies in a tart. We turn to Nutritionist in the Kitch to show us how to make the perfect tart, without upsetting the Queen of Hearts (and the rest of your body…) with a sugar-overdose.

Easter Treats

If there’s one time of year that we definitely can’t be responsible for our chocolate-eating habits- topping even Christmas- it’s Easter. Fortunately, savvy kitchen guru, Chocolate-Covered Katie (is it okay that I want to eat her purely based on that name?) has got it well and indeed ‘covered.’ Her healthy alternative to the Crème Egg features mango and ice-cream, a concoction so delicious that even the Easter-Bunny himself wouldn’t say no. How will you eat yours?