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Home beauty DIY: Nail Polish to Match Your Mood



How to make your own nail polish

Forget the mani-pedi. Buy a couple of shiny polishes, and paint your nails to express a bit of inner personality or flair.

That’s right – you can accessorize today and express your individuality by thinking hard about the kind of colors that reflect your feelings. It is possible to get those colors to express another aspect of you, in the same way, that your hair, other make-up, and outfit choices do. Pair these shades with a similarly colored handbag or pair of pumps to make any look pop. Plus, maybe if you’ve had a bad day, taking time out for yourself to paint your nails could get your mood back into good shape.

What are you waiting for? Here are the top color picks to suit any mood.

Feeling sad?

What about a lovely shade of plum if you’re feeling glum? Or perhaps if you’re feeling quiet or a bit reserved, mauve would be the best pick. Caramel is great if you’re feeling overwhelmed (it’s rich, calming, and brings to mind chocolate). Navy might be a good color for you – it‘s a bit dark and melancholic, even a little sentimental. Go one step further with black. Mellow yellow is also an easy choice; although it channels a bit of Seal, that brightness sometimes brings the spring back into your steps.

Feeling mad?

Ice blue is a light color for the ice queen within. Try indigo if you’re feeling stressed – it’s a calming shade with a bit of spunk. Scarlet is the obvious choice if you’re feeling a bit aggravated. Or what about orange for the fury of a thousand suns? Don’t let anyone stand in your way when you’re feeling like this! Plus people deserve to know if you’re in a bit of a bite-his-head-off kind of mood.

Feeling glad?

Perhaps an off-white, similar to the color of some décor could show off your happiness? You could try fuchsia if you’re a bit frisky. A light green color like the color of the grass is perfect for you if you’re feeling calm and chill. And a neon shade – yellow, orange or pink – can really set your eyes off. Love being able to use these colors! They’re the best because it means you can let everyone in your life know just how cheerful you are, showing off you at your best.

So what color are you feeling today? Plum? White? Light green? Decorate those nails for an instant beauty lift in the comfort of your own home – it really helps to pass the time while you’re watching some television.

Whatever color you choose, remember to really look after those nails. Buff ‘em, file ‘em, and keep ‘em in shape – looking fabulous can contribute greatly to how you feel, and spreads the positive energy around.