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Josh Harding Says That He Is Not Going to Let His MS Diagnosis Change His Life



Josh Harding Diagnosed With MS

Athletes are typically faster, stronger, and bigger than the average person. However, it is important for people to remember that athletes face adversity just like everyone else. Josh Harding is one of the many athletes who is experiencing hardships. An article that was recently published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune revealed that Harding had recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

What Is MS?

Multiple sclerosis, which is also referred to as MS, is a disorder that affects the spinal cord and brain. Some of the symptoms of this condition include blurred vision, weakness, and numbness. Although the symptoms of MS can be managed with treatment, there is no cure for this condition.

Josh Harding Not Deterred By Bad News

The MS diagnosis came at a time when things were going great for Harding. He is 28 years old and this past summer, he signed a three-year contract to play with The Minnesota Wild. Harding stated in the article that he is not going to let his condition change the way that he looks at life.

Harding also stated in the article that he knows that he will have good days and bad days. Additionally, Harding does not want anyone treating him differently because he has MS. He has set a goal to be the number one goalie of the Minnesota Wild, and he also wants his team to win the Stanley Cup.

Most people would be heartbroken to receive a diagnosis as Harding did, but he is not letting it stop him from achieving his dream. Harding is giving his fans a reason to be optimistic. He is showing people that they can overcome any bad situation if they decide to look at the positive side. He is also showing people that good things can potentially come out of a bad situation. That is why he is an inspiration to many people. Hopefully, Harding will write a multiple sclerosis book that details his experiences with his condition.

Eric LeGrand’s Story

There are a number of other celebrities and athletes who have used their bad situations to inspire other people. Eric LeGrand also has a very inspirational story. LeGrand is a former football player for Rutgers University. At the age of 20, he was paralyzed while making a tackle during a game. Doctors told him that his chances of walking again were between 0 and 5 percent. He was also told that he would most likely need a breathing machine for the rest of his life. LeGrand was very frustrated to hear those grim things, but he was determined to not let his injury ruin his life. Today, LeGrand can breathe without the help of a machine. He can also stand up with the help of a metal frame. Furthermore, he can move his shoulders.